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    Do you remember Binaca Geetmala and Ameen Sayani?

    Do you remember this most popular weekly radio program of the past and the popular RJ (anchor) Ameen Sayani? Recently, I saw some senior ladies were very fondly talking about this program and recollecting their memorable days. The elderly ladies were too engrossed in discussion. I could see the excitement in their faces while they were recollecting and their discussion on how they were eagerly waiting for the yearly countdown. The program was broadcast on Radio Ceylon with a typical background tune and the mesmerizing voice of Ameem Sayani, Any idea when and why the program stopped?

    Any past memories of listening the program? Can you share.
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    During my childhood, 'Binaca Geetmala' was a very popular programme. The presenting technique of Ameen Sayani is also worth-mentioning. But in our home, we were not allowed to listen to Hindi programme. So, I didn't get the oportunity to enjoy the programme regularly. I used to listen to it occasionally during the absence of my father. However, later I came to know that before my birth, this programme was aired as 'Civaca Geetmala' from Radio Ceylone!
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    Of course! yes.

    This thread will seriously going to bring out some nostalgic moments from our life those who were been with Binaca Geetmala. The mesmerising voice of Ameen Sayani still bring the goosebumps on me. I remember, we did not have Radio in my house then, so I used to go to my neighbour to listen the program. Later, we too bought radio and used to wait for the great Wednesday day 8 pm sharp to listen this program. Who will forget the last week of the year program which was like a countdown to super hit songs of the year. We friends all use to discuss which song is going to get the first place.

    Not only that, Ameen sayani used to take interview also time to time with actor, actress, singers and music director which use to bring much more excitement to the program. At first it was Binaca Geetmala later it was changed to Cibaca Geetmala.

    Who will forget such beautiful memories. Ameen Sayani has what done with his voice, no one could have reached to him so far.

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    Yes during my childhood there was a program called Binaca Geetmala which was anchored well by much acclaimed moderator Ameen Sayani and his voice cannot be forgotten. His voice was so great that even Amitabh modulation becomes dwarfed in front of his words. He had many female following and his most callers are ladies only. In those days Binaca tooth paste was very famous and that company sponsored this song based program which had high rating on Ceylon Broadcasting corp . In those days every one was having transistor radio and at 8 o clock in the night we are treated with this program . More than the songs, his voice was adored.
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    Bianca geetmala was a super hit radio program aired by radio ceylone. This is the most famous program broadcasting top hindi movie songs every week on Wednesday. In its later phase it was aired from vivid bharti, all India radio on Mondays.

    The binaca geetmala was started in 1952 and remained on radio till 1994.
    The interesting thing is that Ameen Sayani remained its host throughout its life.

    The program was very popular and had a large number of listeners in Indian subcontinent.

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    Goodness, how can I forget the 'Binaca Geetmala' and the unique voice and presentation style of Ameen Sayani?
    One thing I always say I feel missing .

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    Oh, yes! How can one who has ever listened to the magical voice and mesmerizing presentation by the legendary Ameen Sayani forget 'Binaca Geetmala', a program that was almost a part of our daily routine in those days of the golden melodies. I don't exactly remember the background score that was played as he introduced the song and announced the credits but I do recollect that the same too was captivating.
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