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    What is the reason to put an end to Red Beacons culture by Modi Government.

    The Modi Government has done another Dhamaka. Now, the government has put an end to Red Beacons culture. On 1st May onwards, there will be no VIPs or minister including PM will be allowed to use LAL BATTI (Red Beacon) on their vehicles. Only three category has been exempted The President, The Vice President and Chief Justice of India are allowed to use Red Beacon. Yes, of course the emergency service vehicles are allowed.

    Indeed, it is a historical decision, but What is the main reason behind it? I would like to discuss it with our members that do you like this decision? Please post your opinion in this matter.
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    Yes indeed it is the very good decision as in the name of Mantri relatives, many are fixing and misusing the red beacons to have quick clearance in heavy traffic. Having scene this new type of dadagiri the PM must have got annoyed and issued the new order. But in Hyderabad many have changed to blue beacon. Which is again considred as the VIP status and normally Ministers are given the status to use it. But we have been seeing even Corporator and those working below him are also having blue beacon on the car. I think police must stop all the beacon cars and verify the status and then let them go.
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    Modi's move should be appreciated. All the Red beacon cars are the soft targets for the terrorists. Removal of red beacons is a security measure to ensure safety of the top government officials. We should hail Modi's move.
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    The reason stated by the center on their decision to ban red beacon lights from VIP vehicles is that they want to put an end to the VIP culture. It may be considered as a security measure but more than that I think it is just another eyewash decision by the center to invoke a feeling among the common man that they there is an attempt to bring in parity among the different classes in the society. What if beacon lights are removed? The center has already clarified that the security of VIPs won't be curtailed. That means that the security paraphernalia and entourage which are more glaring symbols of a VIP will still continue. A section of bureaucrats will feel affected but not the Ministers or others holding Constitutional positions. It is just another decision that has more or less, no meaning.
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    What is the use of removing the red beacon lights from the cars. The leaders would enjoy the same degree of security, alertness from police and also gets grand clearance of traffic for them. Only thing absent will be red beacon lights and the sirens from those cars. However there seems to be some reluctance in some states as they feel that their importance would be less without beacon lights. But what Ram Vilas Paswan said is right. He said that people used to see them differently if they alight from beacon cars and they wont even talk due to fear. Now that can be possible.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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