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    Should we be spendthrift on marriage

    We are going through session of marriage. It is the best tradition among families. Let it be groom or bridegroom every one awaits this moments with patience. In India we the people of of this beautiful country spend heavily on marriages.
    Now a days it has trended like symbol of status.
    How wealthy we can prove ourselves has become new trend among families.
    But there are millions in India we do their daughter marriage in very pathetic condition. They are so poor who started sacring as soon as the date of their daughter come near to marriage.
    I have heard about many NGO/Foundation who helps the poorer family in their daughter marriage but didn't find actual one so far.
    In my opinion these agencies either not exists in Northen part state specially in Uttrakhand, where many needy families are awaiting such kind hands.
    May be this is just a propaganda to save tax money by Diverting in the name NGO/Foundation.
    This could be an appeal to those who are really active in these initiative please have a look on the Uttrakhand himalayan Village.
    There are many families awaiting the needy hands.
    Those who are rich enough this may be a request please beside wasting money on spednthrift, You can shift the same tempo towards the upliftment of needy daughtres.
    In my Opinion Rich should help the poorer one so that they can best blessing from poorer families daughter.
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    Performing marriage these days has become a challenging task for the parents, as they have to gather many things for the daughter and at the same time they have to keep the new groom happy by providing what ever he wants. Some grooms wont ask dowry but leave it to the conscience of the father in law and that is great risk for him. Normally marriage means near and dear ones do help to mitigate the expenses. But sometimes the grooms would be demanding for such spending which is waste for that day and again the father in law will abide just to please him. Likewise many expenses do take place for which there wont be pre planning. I doubt any private NGO's are coming forward to help poor families. In Muslims there are some organization which helps the poor by sponsoring for the bed to the new couples and that too with proper authentication.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Spenthrift is a person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way. This word has a negative connotation. So, ;should' should not be used with 'extravagant'. A person should never be extravagant. Everyone must remember a famous English adage: "Cut your coat according to your cloth".
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    In olden times marriage was a function to complete the religious rituals in presence of friends and relatives. People spent as per their financial conditions and there was no compulsion to spend unnecessarily.

    Today marriage has become an occasion of pomp and show. People are recklessly spending to show their richness and power. This is a unfortunate trend and some people who are poor or lower class are trying to copy the rich even by taking loan. The young generation is learning same traits from their elders and are feeling proud in extravagance.

    Anyway the responsible citizens should take this matter in their hand and we should create an atmosphere in the society that such mindless expenditures are to be stopped. Mass social awareness and media coverage to condemn such marriages is required to curtail this social menace.

    Knowledge is power.

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