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    Your personality, as an individual and as part of the society.

    Have you ever scolded your child for lying, and then what if your child questions you 'have not you ever lied?' Can you say 'NEVER' without cheating your child and yourself? You teach your child not to lie but you do tell lies to save yourself from different situations and the reason you give is 'I did it for a good cause.' So what is good and what is bad? Who decides it? If lying is immoral it is immoral whatever the reason behind it may be. This is just one example of double standards prevailing in society. Like we say that everyone is corrupt around us and we get our license without going for a test by bribing the officers. We say that the competition in the world is making children slaves to books and that they should be allowed to enjoy but how many of you tell your children that exams are just part of life and let them do as they wish, we want other men to respect our women but do you respect other women. If you do a mistake you give many reasons to defend yourself but if the same mistake is committed by someone else you yell as if the world ends because of it. You want your partner to take care of but do you take care of your life partner when they are ill. The list never ends.

    Even I did some of these mistakes. I lied and defended myself and I even got my licence without test (I have never met with an accident though). And that is my confession! Dear ISCians what is your stand on such double standards?
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    For that matter our lives revolve around trust and belief. If a child believes his father and trust for his words and advise, just because of age and experience. In olden days the children never used to question the parents even if they beat them. But now the children do question the parents as to why they are chiding and scolding. Children wont tolerate beating. By the way every one taken the help of lies in our life to come out of a situation. But that has become a habit and we would continue the same for no reasons. Husband as to trust wife and wife has to believe the husband and there is no go. If we start doubting others for every move then our life becomes waste.
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    Your thread remind me one joke where in a house someone rings the bell and father tells his kid to say that "Daddy is not at home", the innocent kid reply to the visitor saying- "Dady said to tell you he is not at home".

    Comes to your point. As far as kid is concern, we should always teach them right thing to do. Yes, the same thing we might not do in daily basis but that is our fault. Obviously, no one want their kids to make the same mistakes we do. Life is itself a lesson, we just need to show the correct path to our kids, once they start getting experience, they will adjust with their life.

    True, no one is perfect and so our life is. We always try to hide our fault but get ready to blame others agreed but this is how life keep going on from years. Every one take their stand as correct and if that should not do, you will be taken back in your life race. The other people who does the same, take your place. Actually, in practical life it is very difficult to live with doing everything right. The most important part is one should be flexible in life, if time is to bend, you have to bend and if time is to show your strength, you should show it.

    Even Lord Krishna had done so many trick in Mahabharata just to win over evils, if the situation is that one need to be like that.

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