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    Do you check your subject online before writing any article?

    I have a habit of searching online about the subject which I am about to write in article section. I don't know whether it is good or bad, I don't know whether other too have similar habit. I checked because I want to make sure that the content which I am going to write should be fresh and not have written many more time before me. In case if I found, I check how can I write differently the same subject. If it is very common, I cancel my plan on that particular subject. Yes, it is true that finding a fresh subject is always a challenge but I love this challenge.

    What about you? Do you too check your subject online before you write an article?
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    We are all known for creative writing and as such we should not check nor verify any source of such subject appearing elsewhere in the internet. Even if your proposed article does appear in the internet and indexed by Google, nothing to worry. Each writer or author has his own perception and gauging of things before making a content and narration of writers may not be the same. What I feel that heading should be catchy and that must bring instant net users to your content first than the other appearing listings. That way you can always have a say even in internet.
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    Before you write an article it is always better to see what are the various write ups on the subject available in net. That gives us an idea how much our thoughts are different from those presentations.

    Once you have gone through the net you know where you have got new or better points and can emphasize on them more than that of the common ones.

    I believe writing an article completely in my style. That is originality.

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    I never want to go with online search for any article. I always try to write what i have actually perceived or gone through.
    Online contends may doesnt feed your appetite, some time it can change your own wording because there may be some cross exmining question on the topic you want to write about.
    Creative should be done at own level it must not be steal from other sources but few numerical figure can be searched out for the most accurate info.
    In my opinion rest points should be figure out at own sources only.

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    Never, never and never forever. What is the need to search a subject on the net when you have the ability to write. It is bad to search something or anything while you are the author of your own creative thoughts. You might get confused by reading the same subject written by others. Be original by yourself. Choose a topic, think on it, develop it and put it in your own good words. Never bother or suspect your own creations.
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    If the subject on which I am going to write is very vast I follow some writings on the subject available on Internet. After that I give myself some time to ponder on some special points I noticed in those writings. When I feel ready I write on the subject.

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    Generally I write with what I know or what I have learned about a subject or topic.
    However sometimes there may be some confusion especially when we have to justify with some data or proof. In such cases to make sure what I write is correct, I refer some sources online and confirm myself that I am right or if needed correct or amend it.
    I generally do not write on a subject or topic on which I do not have any knowledge. But then , I read others' articles on such subjects to increase my knowledge.

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    I select only those subject in which I am good and I have experience on it. So, there is no way, reading others content may disturb my thinking. May be my thinking is different, I want to write something which has not written earlier, I know it is just not possible though I try my best to produce my own thoughts and experience and thus I check whether the same subject have been written elsewhere or no.

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    In my opinion, doing enough research on a particular subject in the internet before proceeding to publish an article, is not at all wrong or harmful. Rather it would help in rendering the facts and figures to an accurate level to a maximum extent. So that ultimate user/receiver of the particular article would be benefited in a manner that the purpose for which he has gone through the article would be served.

    Anyhow no one will be posting the copied content and with his own talent of creative writing only the subject would be depicted. As such I support to do proper research before publishing any write up and I too follow the same concept.

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    Chossing a high yield niche and writing articles on that topic can be done with ease. At times, we might encounter contents similar to our ideas on the internet. And thats obvious.

    There was a time when I had to plan and write articles in the Techy niche. There were many contents available on the web similarly. I tend to write and improve the quality by adding more detailed, simple and informative to ensure my article hit the causion.

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    I think research is required for writing whether it be online, offline or mental contemplation. It depends on the topic how much data we need to ensure the best material for a particular article. Some topics only need mental contemplation and therefore searching for that topic on Internet might harm to your creativity. But if you are writing on scientific or any researchable subject you must go through the content available on Internet to write better.

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