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    What if ISC also have this feature?

    Have you wondered about how many peoples actually read your thread and how many of them replied the thread?
    on ISC this can only be judged by number of replies to the thread but replies can't tell us about all the reader. What if ISC also have feature of seeing the name of how many peoples have seen your thread just like whats-app where in a group, members can easily find out how many people have actually seen their message but didn't replied.
    would it be a good thing or a bad thing?
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    Neelam your suggestion is very good on the face of it. But what I feel that ISC is not a social site. Here there is no likes button as available in other social media. We are interested in inclusive participation of members through their responses as comments and that is considered worth while and even that too should add value to the article responded. That way this site has been growing leaps and bounds. By the way I too feel that even one comment is enough for your thread which testifies that you could able to convince the member to respond. I have been requesting many a time that ISC has been having nearly 10 lakh membership and even 10 percent of them are active in this site, just imaging what will be the hits and responses to each post. But unfortunately we have only regulars who are doing that duty.
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    I fully support the view expressed by Ms. Neelam Joshi. There must be some indications in ISC to tell the Members about the number of readers of his/her post. Earlier also I raised this issue, then some other Members talked about StatsCounter. However, I failed twice to get myself linked with StatsCounter.It is unnecessarily and unavoidably complex.

    There must be some inbuilt features in ISC to indicate number of readers of each post/article or response.

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    I also agree with Ms. Neelam Joshi. It is a very good idea. I support that there should be a feature which indicates the numbers of readers as well as how many like or dislike our thread.
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    I am sure members over here read most of the thread if not every thread. Replying to a thread is totally different, if the subject is interesting, people reply it easily. Sometime if topic is different and away from the taste of someone particular, he/she may not interested to reply such thread. Like me, I read the thread based on its title, if I like I can post my inputs in that thread, I reply and if the subject is not interested to me I avoid. However, your idea is good, at least we should know how many of us has read our thread this can obviously satisfy a member.

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    I think it would make a member feel good to know the number of readers for a post, whether in the forum or in other sections. Your suggestion has been forwarded to the Webmasters. Let'see if they think it is viable and can be implemented.

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    I am unable to understand "What is the logic behind it"?. If ISC will inbuilt a feature like that what will happen except self satisfaction of author??
    Many people like me read a thread after reading its title. If this is interesting then it will be replied and if it is not then not. Sometimes thread may have seen but not read. There are many posts which are not being answered by anyone because people don't have any interest in them. Some are converted to GD because members think that it a good topic to discuss on. So, what sense it make that we can see readers of post, we should bother about replies only.

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    It gives oneself a sense of pride and just makes one feel all warm & happy inside to know that there is somebody out there who is actually perusing your post, no matter that no responses have come in. Being a blogger, I get an adrenaline rush when I see the Stats showing readership. That thrill & glow within ranks above earnings or number of comments (which are once in a rare while for me at my blogs). It is the same here at ISC and I understand exactly what the members who are supporting this feature are trying to convey.

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    We had a discussion with the Webmasters. Unfortunately it cannot be implemented. It seems this feature was installed only for a short while in the initial stages of ISC's launch, but was discontinued due to it being misused. I cannot explain how it was misused as that is confidential information.

    Don't be disappointed though! You are welcome to give any further suggestions and ideas which could work & would be good for ISC. I recall, for example, that the ranking system was introduced based on the suggestion of a member.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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