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    Whom we should blame for road accident specially in hills.

    Since yesterday there have been two major bus accident in Uttrakhand, where more than 46 people lost their life.
    In this beautiful place where middle class and poorer ones uses public transport.
    But unlucky most of the time large number of people become prey of the road accident in hills.
    yesterday night one marriage party Bus fall deep in the hills of Tehri Garhwal near at Magadhar (Shantakhal) where approx 21 people injured among them one child was declared dad today afternoon.
    At around 0330 pm evening today another accident occur where a bus fall deep in Taunsh River near Nerwa.
    Approx 44 people was declared dead on the spot, number of causality can be reduce but govt bodies didnt took the rescue operation seriously.
    Accident happend on so tough point where people find very difficulty to give assistance to injured one.
    If govt could send the helicopter medical assistance inspite of just depending on local resources only, number of death toll can be reduces to an extend.
    Tehri garhwal bus accident was due to the poor maintenance and repair by contractor and govt bodies as there is huge partnersharing game always at main front.
    Uttrakhand govt is always failed to stop such kinds of corruption.
    But why everytime Aam AAdmi has to suffer.
    Why the culprit one cant be send behind the bar.
    I have personally raised the poor repairing and maintenance of roads but no one took even a visit to the same places i have pointed out through news channel.
    Main thing is that all the culprit are either runinng the govt or have the major role in Political party, Due thier access nobody want to touch them.
    They are filling their insatiable stomach and the poorer one are suffering with human loses.
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    Very sad to know from the authors submission that frequent accident in Uttarakhand hilly regions results in lots of deaths of poor passengers for whom there is no guarantee of life. First of all being a ghat section the buses whether private or the RTC should be maintained well on daily basis. In fact the buses must be certified and written on the top of it that this particular bus is fit for ghat section. Secondly trained drivers should only ride the bus. One spare driver must be available if the regular driver feels he cannot drive in tricky situation. Thirdly during summer and rainy seasons, there are every chance of land slides and that is unexpected natural calamity to which the bus drivers must be aware of those routes and drive safely. Nevertheless the government must explore alternate routes to avoid hilly areas to reach other destination.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sorry to learn that many poor and common people are becoming prey of road accident. The state government, local contractors and reckless drivers are completely responsible for such incident. This is a slippery slope and with unity this can be sorted out.
    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    There are many reasons for such conditions of Uttrakhand and its people, some of them I noticed as native of Uttrakhand are as follows.

    1. Uttrakhand have only one mode of transportation for long and far away journies which are buses, since the rail connectivity ends at the very few districts as you enter the state, and Bus-services bears all the load of transportation. And conditions of these buses are worst.
    2. Mountains of Uttrakhand are not much strong they are prone to daily landslides and avalanches but still the roads are constructed by use of Dynamite which is very dangerous for the stablity of these mountains and near by area. Government needs to find alternative ways for any kind of big constructions like - roads, dams.
    Projects like -Tihri hydro power project, dhauli gannga project and so many other small projects to harness electrical energy from rivers of Uttrakhand which probide electricity of other states are made without considering health of these mountains( which are home of not only humans but lot of endemic and endangered animal species).
    3. For these long travels theough buses many time irresponsiblity of driver is also the cause of huge loss of life, so there is a need of regular checkup and checkpoints on the midway of these drivers who continuosly drive for more than 6 hours.

    Uttrakhand is young state now almost 17years but still struggling for basic amenities, A state which could have been developed has tourist place a wonderfull hill station but very few districts and areas like Nainital, musoori, haridwar, dehradun e.t.c are known to people which are all around the capital city.

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