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    What action can be taken if someone abuses a company or person on social media ?

    Now a days people are not having patience nor they are having time to have right thing at right time. But they are loosing their patience just like that even on small upset. That making them to express their displeasure or lodge complaint or even abuse in social media. A company or organization struggles hard to keep its name and fame and takes lots of actions to keep the customers and well wishers happy. But with one single anti remark all the reputation goes to toss and thus getting back the old glory is difficult. Comment ?
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    Patience is a virtue. Even I felt upset for wee issues. It is that small problem that puts people to cosiderable inconvinience.
    Disgracing the name of the company publicly certainly does affect the reputution. It's not a good practise to go on for complains or abuse for small small issues as it's a normal thing for a big company and it does happens with us too.

    Humans wants are unlimited.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Most of the people use internet to search the reputation of any company. When ever I go to shop online before placing an order I always search the reputation and reviews of the brand and company. So in my opinion company should maintain a good reputation by solving problems of customers in proper time so that they would not force to make a negative remarks of company.
    Sometimes companies do not responded after many reminders and do not attend calls of costumers and costumers are forced to make negative remarks of the companies.
    I have also done these types of negative remarks for 3-4 companies which did not responded me after many emails.

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