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    What type of question can be asked in ask experts section

    What type of question can be asked in this section
    Only study related or about any topic of ISC
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    Purnendu, please read these posting guidelines and also go through a few of the questions that has been posted in the Ask Expert section to get a fair idea as to how and what all can you post as questions in the section. It goes without saying that your text should contain sufficient details so as to enable our experts/ members to answer your query satisfactorily. In case some doubt still remain unclarified after reading the guidelines and referring to some approved questions, feel free to post the same as a response herein.
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    You can ask any type of question related to any subject. It should be under the guidelines which has been provided to you in the first response from our Lead Editor Saji. You must remember that your question should not be short like how you have been posted in your this forum thread. The better you can make the reader understand the more valuable answer you will get.

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    The Ask Experts section of this site is designed in such a way that those who are already members here and are well versed with the apt reply are need to attend any thread. By the way the author can ask any question as thought to be fit and get the whole some answers. But the question should be decent and not too personal. There should not be any vulgar involvement in questions nor seek answers in that direction. Our Ask Experts section is served by dedicated editors and they wont allow unwanted questions in this section. Therefore any decent question can be raised for apt answers.
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