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    Submission to Job Postings are being deleted / rejected

    My dear members, as you are aware I have joined this platform just 3 months back and just getting into the various sections of the platform one by one whenever I get the time. In this process, about three weeks back I tried to submit one job posting which was deleted immediately stating that the posting is against to the guidelines. I have reviewed the same and found that because of copied content of some portion of the advertisement was used and hence the same was deleted. Its OK.

    But recently one week ago, another submission for job posting was rejected stating that submission has got insufficient information.

    In this context, since this kind of submission for the first time in my login, I urge the top management in the interest of other new members also / first timers of the platform to allow them to review the submission at least once with some guidelines to avoid such mistakes, like in the case of 'Articles' section. It would be, in my opinion, more encouraging and motivating in nature.
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    Yes, this is a good suggestion. Like for articles section, we could shift a job post to pending and give reasons in brief to give the member a chance to edit and rectify the post. Only copied content or spam can be deleted right away. Note, however, that if the member continues to post insufficient content or does not follow instructions/guidelines despite repeated reminders, then the editor can delete the posts. New members are advised to read the section wise FAQs before starting their contributions to any section.
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    If the advertisement itself contains insufficient information, it would not be possible for a Member (who is posting the particular job) to provide additional information.
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    Partha - If the advertisement does not contain sufficient information, the member can check the official website if more details of the vacancy are given. If the vacancy is not listed at the official site and thus the details are not sufficient, then the job post should not be submitted at all.

    GeeKay - Let us know the URL of any one job post you made which was deleted right away due to insufficient content and you were not given a second chance to rectify it.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Thank you very much madam for immediate response and taking my suggestion in a positive manner. As directed by you, the url of my deleted job post is as given below:

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    Apologies for not giving you an opportunity to make necessary corrections in the job post.

    The job posts which you made lacks various vital information like exact post link where the job posts advertised, eligibility in detail, name of the posts with discipline, how to apply etc which is very essential for job post.

    Henceforth we suggest you to provide all the relevant information in the job post, in case if you are confused you may go through few approved job post made by members before.

    Kindly do not resubmit the post as another member has already made the said post in detail.

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    @N K Ravishankar: Sir, I have just posted the thread to know the exact reasons duly expecting some guidelines from the senior members / top management to correct myself in my future posts. I have not at all expected any apologies from the senior members like you. Thank you very much for your guidance for further posts.

    I regret if any inconvenience caused with my thread.

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