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    Let's not judge people

    Bringing forth the story of a person I have known for almost 3 years and would refer to as classmate rather than a friend. It was during the first month of college that I met her, soon we became friends and were often seen hanging out together. All went well until I started witnessing her rude and unusual behavior. Slowly I drifted apart and our relation returned to what it had been on the first day, simply classmates. Across all these years this only was the fate of all her relationships.

    Throughout all the outings and group chats, whispering regarding her behavior were common. Though I am not a backbiter, things like these do reach one's ear and I am sure they reached her as well. Just yesterday I came to know that actually she has been suffering from depression for quite a long time and that is what accounts for her unruly behavior. Having thought over the entire matter I pity us more than her because we judged her without her fault and we left her the moment she needed us the most.

    Having learnt a lesson for life I choose this platform to request everyone 'Not to Judge Someone' because today it is them but someday it might be us. What do you have to say about this? Do you have any such experiences?
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    It happens with almost every friendship. There are time when our best of the best friend behave strangely. It is obvious that there might be some problem because he/she never behaved with you like that. I am not saying one should have little patience to judge people because what one do or decide is totally personal and according to the situation which they feel correct. But, when it comes to judging a friend yes, one should think over the matter before the final judgement. After all a good friend is not such person which should get lost easily.

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    Many a times we fault in measuring the right persons and in fact end with more friendly with crooked persons who are bent upon using our image for their use. In your case the friend seems to be authentic and you have failed to gauge her. Never mind such things happen in friendship and a real friend is one who knows about all these things and shall return back to you. Meanwhile we should not succumb to the pressure of others who say bad about such persons who are close to us. They want to see a tussle between the real friends as the matter joy for a while which is very bad.
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    It is better to see at somebody's behavior from their angles. The way at which they look at the things may be different from the way we look at it. That is why sometimes they say step into their shoes and see. So is unfair to judge somebody from our angle. They may be doing or behaving because of some unknown reasons to us. It is their life. Why should we criticize them for that. If you have a problem with their behavior have a direct discussion with them and try to understand their view. Explain them the way it should be done, if you have a better solution. This should be a better approach. One of my colleague was getting absent from duties very frequently. The HR department is cautioning him again and again. Then one day I called him and discussed him regarding the point. The reason he told me is some thing related to his domestic problem. Then What I suggested him is that, I will advise HR to change his shift from general to second. So that he can regularly attend the duty regularly. He accepted and it has been done. Then he has become regular to his duties.
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