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    Do you think a celebrity should criticize openly about any religious subject?

    Should celebrities come out and speak up critically about issues related to a religious aspect? Freely give your opinion in this analytical thread.

    NO, I am not talking about "wrong criticism" or "right criticism". He/she (celebrity) may be correct voicing out his concern but should not they think twice before commenting about any religious matter?

    A celebrity who has thousands of fan following with the fans not from one particular religion but different ones. He/she is loved by the people beyond any bias division based on the religion factor. Should not they have the personal responsibilities in society?

    I am not pointing to only one celebrity but all, as time and again some of them forget the basics before opening their mouth. They should think a thousand times before they open their mouth on any sensitive issue.
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    Right to expressing his/ her views is being given to everyone by the Constitution of India. But giving statements on any sensitive issue, they must think many times. Celebrities are also Indian civilians and if they raise a correct problem, then we should try to concern and find the solution. For instance the issue recently raised by Sonu Nigam belongs to problems of loudspeaker by religious institutions, so it's of course correct and everybody has the right to complain. India is a secular country. So the point is to be concerned.

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    First celebrities are also a part of society. They also have a right to criticize and speak on any issue which they find condemnable. Wether it's a social issue or related to a religion. They should not be baised while making an statement.
    If a celebrity remains silent on an important issue fearing that he will lose fan following of a section then it will be an irresponsible behavior.

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    If somebody is disturbing my sleep, be it a religious place or a person, I have every right to speak out. It doesn't matter if you are a celebrity or a common man. People should learn to keep their religion a personal matter and not intrude upon the privacy of others by blaring out their religion loud by way of loudspeakers

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    A celebrity is well within his right as any other Indian citizen to express his opinion on any matter unless it is restricted by law. I think they must come out with their views because of the larger audience they receive but in that sense, I do agree that they must think twice and be responsible while making any statement. Controversies must be expected keeping their social position and fan following but that should not deter them from being committed to a cause, be it be social, religious or political. With particular reference to the statement by Sonu Nigam that is grabbing the headlines in the social media, I fully support what he said. In fact I am against all rituals and functions that may disrupt normal life of the common people.
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    What Sonu Nigam has said may be true to his concern, anyone may get disturbed. But this is not something which has just started recently. The history is too old, why he has problem now and not before? If he was so concern of the loudspeaker he might have selected different zone/place for his Home.

    Of course a celebrity's voice can reach so long where a normal person can't get but again there would have been other way too to bring out such concern.

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    Yes I fully agree with the author that if one attains the celebrity status, naturally his fan following would be from various states across the country and the religions are also different. In that circumstances they should not utter any word against or even in favor of one religion as it will deeply affect the fans. Indians are fond of their heroes and they worship like God. And they cannot tolerate anything said against their celebrity and at the same time they cannot tolerate anything told by the same celebrity. So they must give guarded statement to the media and that must be ensured reasoning.
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    Just because an injustice is happening since long doesn't mean it can't be challenged at present.
    Why should a person select another location as his home when an area has been declared residential by the government? A residential area has clear rules regarding voice limits and use of loudspeakers.

    In name of religion, you are not allowed to do anything and claim immunity. The rights of people come before any religion.

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    There must be some rules of voice limit of loudspeaker but again in this case even small sound may disturb the singer. However, one should be wise enough to select a place to buy a home if he/she is so fragile person.

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    There must be a limit of everything. Using loudspeaker to call the faithfuls is not a birthright. It doesn't have any religious sanctity. The use of loudspeaker has been banned/restricted in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Pakistan and many other Muslim countries. Why should it be allowed to remain in India?

    Sonu Nigam has raised the issue without mincing word. Moreover, he has talked against using loudspeaker in all religious functions of all communities. So why there is so much hue and cry from the followers of a particular community? Even a fatwa has been issued against him!

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    In my first paragraph of the thread I have clearly written that I am not talking about whether he said right or wrong. But a celebrity has more responsibilities than a normal citizen. He may be right, also, as Partha had said that he has not voice out only one particular religion but all. My only concern was has he taken other route before commenting as such? Has he spoken with those people whom he has problems?

    Before he could have been gone to social media, he should have tried out personally. It would be different even that his concern was not noted seriously by those people.

    I too don't support when in Navaratri the loudspeakers go on till midnight and disturbed our sleep. What I am trying to say is, the situation would have been better had he tried other way round.

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    I think both aspects are concernable but right to express is one of the fundamental right, given to the people of India, you can not grab the right from any person. The problem was reported for mosques but it's also the problem of temples and Gurudwaras. Imposing religious beliefs is absolutely wrong. The problem has been reported several times at many places but wasn't seriously taken, now it is needed to take this seriously and limit the use of speakers.
    If a celebrity raises any correct issue and it approaches till the center, then it is the responsibility of the celebrity to do so.

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    Mr. Jeets: The reaction of the thekedars of the religion is terrible, to put it mildly. I have been watching various TV debates on the issue. These religious haters (not preachers) have said everything short of murder. Under the circumstances, do you think Sonu Nigam could approach them and sort out the issue amicably?
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    Partha at #596282, you are talking about the so called care-takers of a particular religion; do you think the reaction from others would have been any different if a finger was raised against any of their rituals or functions? What would be the reaction of the people of Bengal if a celebrity was to speak against hours of road block that is caused during the Durga Puja procession or for that matter any other religious functions across India? If I have the right to express my opinion, so do have others! And regarding matters like fatwa, I am of the opinion that people should take them on legally.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    #596302: (a) At the outset, let me give the latest news on the issue. In Gopalpura of Madhya Pradesh, a person named Shubham Rai and his friend have been badly injured with sharp weapons for his Facebook post in support of Sonu Nigam. Mohd. Nagri and Faisan Khan, the two assailants, fled from the spot.
    (b) For the last ten years or so, Calcutta High Court, in a series of judgements, has strongly controlled noise pollution during Durga Puja and Kali Puja in West Bengal.
    (c) Earlier also we were advised to ignore a fatwa on our Prime Minister by the Imam of Kolkata's Tipu Sultan mosque, Maulana Barkati. I raised a post at that time which was promptly deleted. Now, another fatwa. Now the advice is to fight legally. Why not politically?
    (d) The series of tweets of Sonu Nigam may be carefully seen. He raised objection on using loudspeaker for all religious functions. Then why do some people (not all) belonging to a particular community are shouting through the roof and frothing in front of TV cameras? Who can honestly reply?

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    Partha, I agree with you. Whether it is Saffron or Green both religion people should not cross their limit. Issuing Fatwa in each and every steps is something should be stopped. I oppose the action or talk done by a cleric who said that if anyone save the head of Sonu Nigam he will award 10 lakh! It is just nothing but putting fuel into the fire. Sonu saved his head to show his position that he is not talking about only one religion.

    Coming to my point. Why I came with this thread. Being a famous celebrity, he could have complaint the authority people and then he would have come to shout in social media. I am not saying he would have been successful but this is the way it should go.

    You can't stop a culture suddenly which is happening from so long. We need to discuss this matter openly take the opinion of others and then it should go for any kind of decision.

    Above all we must remember that time is changing so fast and we should walk with the time instead of throwing ugly words to each other.

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    I think you are either pointing out Sonu Nigam or Katy Perry. Because both have given some not so freely expressible religious statements. I think everyone has his or her opinions and your freedom is valid as long as the other's is.
    Once your freedom starts hindering others' freedom, you need to limit your freedom.
    An actor can freely put forth his opinion, but only when asked for. And that too only to the concerned person. In a society there are variety of people with variety of mindsets. In a country like ours, where even a seemingly not harmful statement can wreck a havoc, think what a controversial statement can impact?

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    In our country, Everyone is having freedom of speech. At the same time you should restrain yourself and should not pass on bad comments on others. A celebrity will have lot of fan following and in that different caste people and different religion persons will be there. So they should be very careful in passing remarks as it will spoil their image outside.

    In our country it has become a problem that for any reason or every reason, they start a loudspeaker. Near my house there is a rama temple. Every day early morning they start playing music. There are two churches near by. On every sunday continuously the loudspeaker is onj and in a mosque they also use loud speakers. They create lot of sound pollution. Students during examination times feel terrible with these systems. But nobody listen us and do something to overcome this problem. A common man raising a subject is of no value in this country. Even big leaders keep quite. No body can help this system.

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    Dr. Rao: I fully agree with you. As nobody bothers to listen to us, the common men, one day, these common men take law in their own hands. Then the so-called lieral intellectuals say that India has become a 'mobocracy'. Here Government tries to pamper everybody and as a result satisfies nobody.
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    No I dont think so. A famous celebrity should not critizise any religious activity openly.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    It is rather unfortunate in our country that we cannot get redressal even for the right issues. Even from the earlier time a limit has been set for the loudspeaker and the same has to be followed. Moreover, the loudspeakers should cease functioning during 10 pm and 6 am in order to take care of sleeping pattern for all especially the aged people and patients. Though we are very good at advancing aurgument in various issues, very few people come forward to legalise this issue. Sound pollution is now proving a great threat to human - life and as such this pollution needs to checked at any level.

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