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    Prediction of normal monsoon brings cheer in stock market

    Yesterday, we have received the prediction for monsoon during the current financial year. The weather experts have predicted almost normal monsoon during the current year (only 3% shortfall). Normal monsoon is good for agriculture, which would improve the purchasing power of people. This would cause better earnings for companies which is good for the stock market.

    Naturally, the stock market has reacted positively. Both Sensex and Nifty continue their upward journey along with smaller indices.

    However, I would like to caution the equity investors (of ISC) in respect of three issues:-

    (a) Don't purchase penny stocks. These are always unpredictable.
    (b) Try to stagger your investment. Don't purchase at one go.
    (c) Go for equity mutual funds instead of investing in direct equity. This will help to diversify your investment over sectors and will bring you the fruits of expert guidance.

    Happy investing during the ongoing year!
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    Good monsoon is welcome.

    But the stock market manipulators are waiting for some excuse and lame reason to do the manipulations. It is the innocent, gullible public who fall into their raps.
    So the caution is timely.

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    We all know the farmers from Tamil Nadu are protesting in Delhi for over 40 days now as the state is reeling under acute shortage of water, farmers could not pay the loans as the crops got ruined and in this circumstances the news of early Monsoon and bountiful rains were predicted and that too this time it is going to hit the Kerala earlier than expected. Surely it is the cheering news for every one. For the first time the summer has taken to its full beating and never ever Hyderabad experienced such a worst summer this season. We too want a break from scorching hit and let the Monsoon hit by last week of May itself.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Its a pleasant news about monsoon. In this global warming scenario, news of such kind would definitely sooth the living things. As author said in his initial lines, it would definitely help the agriculture and in turn in the human beings with the better crop results. Not only Sensex/Nifty, every sector out of its orbit also would be benefited. Any how it is a very good news.

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    Good news about this year monsoon. I am not worried about my investment or stock market with the monsoon development. I am much worried about water stock at my home. The monsoon could be normal or abnormal with heavy rain or no rain. I am much worried about the availability of water for my home. Recently I dug a borewell upto 300 feet which showed no sign of water, but had the bore filled upto 35 feet on the next day which could be due to some water leak. Will the water level remain at 35 feet after drawing water through a pump or will dry out after few minutes of pumping out? If monsoon is normal, I am sure, my water level will remain at 35 despite drawing water for any number of minutes.

    Anyway, your thread pleased me with the normal monsoon. It brings cheer to me and my family. Let us wait and see how the prediction goes......

    No life without Sun

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    It is good that monsoon is coming. It is a welcome news. The whole lot is experiencing the hot sun these days. Very very difficult to come out from A/C rooms. Last two days it happened to me to travel. The heat is so high that we can't walk for a small distance in hot sun. But luckily both marriages I witnessed were conducted in A/C halls. Thanks to the organisers. Many people are facing acute shortage of water. so rains are very much required. They will make farmers happy and all the people also happy. Let us welcome rains with cheers.
    always confident

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