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    My first payment from ISC

    In my recent post, I asked an question: "Has anyone received payments in the month of April?"

    Honestly, I was out of patience and my anxiety begun to increase as I didn't receive any input from my neighbor whose account no had been provided to receive the cash payment of 400 INR from ISC.

    After I uploaded the fifth invoice (since I didn't follow the payment instruction) carefully I received my payments from ISC yesterday that is on April 19, 2017.

    Thanks to Webmaster for the prompt input and follow up.
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    Congrats for receiving your first payment from ISC.
    Best Wishes for getting more payments regularly. That means more contributions consistently. Keep on!

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    John Deo accept my best wishes and greetings for having received the first payment from ISC. I know how happy you are feeling right now. It is not the question of how much amount you have received from this site, it is the question of how you received the same with some decent contributions and thus earning your first income gives great pleasure which you cannot hide and hence celebrate. Now that you got the knack of earning, keep this trend going and make a habit to earn every month so that even little amount from this site would keep you going and be with us with your valuable contributions knowledge wise.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thanks @Venkit and @Mohan. I will certainly remain active contributin in different section. It's a great pleasure to earn to learn.

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    Many congratulations John on receiving your first payment from ISC! Keep contributing quality contents and continue to learn and earn! Now that you are acquainted with the requirements of this site, you must give the other sections a try too; that's how you learn.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Congratulation for your first payment from ISC. I hope you will contribute more and will win more award at ISC. All the best.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Congrats Mr.John for getting the first payment from ISC. Keep rocking in all sections as suggested by our senior members so that you can learn and earn. I am very happy to share the news that I too received my first payment of Rs.300 in this month from this platform. Good going. All the best.

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    Congratulations Mr. John Deo. If you remain active and consistent in this platform, you will go on earning from ISC. Best wishes for the future.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence

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    John, congratulations for get your first payment. However, I would like to mention here that ISC is very particular about payment. Those who submit their invoice will have to get payment. I have been since so long and I have never had any problem getting payment and so other members. It take some times a week or so but one gets their due payment. Now, since I know about the payment terms, I don't hurry to submit my invoice I do it accordingly to my requirement. Sometime I submit two invoice at the same time. So, in future be sure of your payment, your hard earning money will have to come to your account only.

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    Dear John,
    Congratulations. As I said earlier "ISC is the transparent site where Mr. Timmy M John will never relax without making the payments due to his fellow ISCians. I wish you many such payments in future.

    No life without Sun

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    Thank you everyone for the appreciation.

    @Jeets, Since it was my first payment, I was little bit worried. I shouldn't have rush to upload the invoice without checking proper format. I uploaded the sample format and that was the problem why my payments was on hold. Nevertheless, I happy to earn and recieve cc from ISC.

    @Sun, You are correct. It was my fault that I uploaded the wrong invoice. I hope I would be able to contribute and earn if only ISC is around for many years. As long as I am up and ISC exist, I will keep contributing.

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    Mr.John Deo,
    My hearty congratulations to you on receiving your first payment. It is indeed a great moment to receive first payment from ISC. It is the result of your hard work and dedication in this site. Keep continuing the same to reach more heights. All the best.!


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    Congratulations to you Mr.John Deo. Just this is the beginning. I hope and wish that you will definitely make a mark of yours in this site and receive many many payments in future. All the best to you.
    always confident

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    Congratulations on receiving your first payment. I know how excited one feels on receiving their first payment from ISC as even I had the feeling of happiness and excitement when I first received my payment. Keep going.

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    Congrats to you for receiving your first payment. I am a newbie to this site and I am so excited to know how the site works and other payment details. After reading your post I am so happy that I have signed up in one of the good online sites, especially for indians. Thanks for sharing here and letting us now the good news. I am sure you will be get paid again and again for your upcoming inputs. Congrats!!

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