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    Bakkhali: A quiet sea-beach very near to my Kolkata residence: Part-I

    After my marriage, I went to Kolkata. After spending some days, my wife requested me to take her to a sea-beach. As a Delhite, she hadn't got much opportunity to visit the sea-beaches. At the same time, there was some financial constraint on my part immediately after the lavish functions in Delhi and Kolkata, but when she asked me to take her to a sea-beach, I readily agreed. She was astonished. On the next morning, I rented a car and told her that we were going to a sea-beach. She thought that as usual, I was joking with a deadpan face (reference: my profile picture).

    We started at 6 a.m. She started sleeping in the car. After two and a half hours, we reached the bank of Hatania-Doania river at Namkhana. The car was put on the very big motorised steamer and it crossed the river. After crossing the river, another one year drive. Before ten, we reached Bakkhali. I told my wife that we reached the seaside. Even then she didn't believe.

    We booked a room at the State Government Guest House and went for lunch. I ordered sea-food (crab and prawn). When the dishes reached our table, only then she believed that we were at a sea-shore area. After a very heavy lunch at an unbeilevably low price, we returned to our room. We enjoyed one another's company till the evening. And then we proceeded to the sea-beach.

    (.... To be continued)
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    Wow what a nice way to please the newly wedded wife and that too taking her to a beach which she never seen in her life before. Surely she must be praising you even now for this great favor you have shown. Normally newly wedded wife never opens up with the husband and never utter words which involves financial matter. In this case we know to see a sea shore one to go far. From Delhi to Kolkatta is not that near. Yet you have managed to keep your promise and the way the journey was detailed gave me the clear picture of visualization in front of my eyes. I am looking for the second part.
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    Partha is from Kolkatta and if you read his post you will notice that he had a reception at Kolkatta too. So, he did not actually take his wife to Kolkatta to see a beach. He was in Kolkatta, and hence, perhaps his wife made that request.

    If you have been following Partha's post you will know that his was a love marriage. He is married to someone from Delhi, and if memory serves me correctly, his better half is a Punjabi. Your logic of "...newly wedded wife never opens up with husband and never utter words which involves financial matter", does not apply here. The two knew each other before tying the knot. Theirs was not an arranged marriage, where the wife perhaps does not speak!

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    Ms. Juana's observations are appropriate. My wife is a Delhite, but not a Punjaban.
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