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    Do not postpone the actions to be taken immediately. Otherwise we may repent

    Many a time, situations in life demand us to take immediate and instant action on some issues but we postpone the same thinking that it would be better to wait for some days and then do it. But in that situation due to our per-occupation with work and daily routine, we may altogether forget the task that was to be attended. And thus we may end up losing the work or gain the same by paying fine in one way or the other. Can you recall any situation in your life which was demanding and you were just postponing for no reason and then repented for having lost the chance altogether ?
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    Yes sir. We all do generally the same thing. Better do it now instead of throwing it to next is a best thing to follow. Yes, I too have postponed certain issues for no reasons. For example: I thought of investment in mutual funds through SIP system six months ago. Many times I was thinking to materialize it but in vain.

    I have shared one of my missing opportunities by postponing it. But what about you Mohan Sir? You have not shared any of its kind from your personal front.

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    I would say that I am a lazy person sometime I take unnecessary time which should be done immediately. However, I have some good habit, like if something is very important and needed to be done, I do it as early as possible. So far I have not caught up with any such big issue. But, one should do important work timely to get any kind of monetary loses.

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    Well I joined by daughter in a reputed college not succumbing to free education bonanza and now she scored top in the Inter exams too. That decision was the best.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Author has started a beautiful thread compelling us for introspection.

    Postponing an action is something equal to not doing it. If an action is delayed it's effect is diluted. Many times people do this mistake only to find out later that the sequence has already been terminated and now no action is required. They will always curse their selves that they had missed the opportunity.

    Action and time go in unison. Timely managed actions are the stairs to a successful life. Timely actions need capabilities to take up fast decisions with judgement otherwise the results will not be commensurate with expectations.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A stitch in time saves nine. It is the saying well known to everybody. This thread is an elaboration of this saying only. The work you have to undertake today should be undertaken today only. We should not postpone it. Because of postponement of action your expenditure may increase , you may lose a chance or you may not complete the entire work as planned. So everybody should have a plan of actions and right action should be taken at right time.

    But in Organisations what happens is the bosses will sit on their job and pressurise the subordinates to complete the work well in advance. These are called pressure tactics. They will not yield good results in long run. Planning the things and following the plan always yields correct results.

    always confident

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