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    How often do you go to Church or Temple?

    I rarely go to Church. To that extend, I'm not a good Christain. I don't sin for that many minutes, isn't. It is a big Church. On the net when I see large Churches, I am surprised people build such large places to worship. They seem so huge. I would be lost there.

    Our Church in Tuensang seems rather noisy and it does need repairs here and there. But the Priest (Father) there is very friendly. He guides me and helps me withstand my day-to-day pressures. If it were not him, I might have become some wayward person.

    My question is how often do you people go to Church or Temple? Discuss your views, benefits and faith.
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    My suggestion is that, Please do pray in the convenience of your home/workplace, just keep praying

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    I personally visit temples on any auspicious occasions of personal and traditional/cultural. I don't think visiting the worship place many a times would be benefited more. The feeling and concentration towards the almighty any time in a day would be sufficient.

    As far as the big places for worshiping the god, the history of its kind way back centuries exists and but not in the present era. Various kinds of dynasties around the world were used to give priority in building the worship places. The trend is being followed to some extent in the present generation also.

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    I go to temple occasionally, it is not something in my daily routine. What I believe strongly is my work is my God, nothing above than that. I have got this birth to do something useful and I try to do that. More than going to church or temple one should be honest with his/her daily routine, I think that will make God happier.

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    Although I am a devout Hindu, I generally don't visit temples. Even if I accompany my wife to a temple, I remain outside. I pray to the God all alone, everywhere. I don't want to show my respect to the God only in a temple.
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    There is a Venkateswara swami temple near our house. I generally visit that temple every Sunday. If I am in station I never miss it. The. Priest performs puja on my name and gotra.

    We. Visit Temple on festival days. Whenever I go to the places on personal or official work, I make a point to visit near by Temples.

    Yesterday I was in Kakinada to attend a marriage. From there I had been to Annavaram and had the darshan of Sri Satyanarayana swami.

    Visiting temple is not important but having belief and praying is important. That you can do that from house itself. But visiting different places will give us good understanding about the culture and significance of the place.

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    I try to visit temple on the auspicious days.If I don't go there ,it seems something is missing.Really after going there I feel very happy.I try to visit on Tuesday and Saturday also.These days are special days for devotee of Hanuman. Rama said ,Who wants to please me worship you.So,I try to perform special puja on Tuesday and Saturday.
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    I go to the Church every Sunday. I also enter a Church if I happen to cross one. I do not enter any and every Church, only Catholic Churches. I also go to Church on Holy days and feast days, and days prescribed by the Church.

    I have this habit of entering Churches in remote places, especially when we are on a holiday, and we happen to drive past one. We have become acquainted with many priests since the Churches would invariably be locked and we would have to get the priests to open them for us. I think it is rare for people to stop by and ask the priest to open the Church - the priests always have a look of surprise on their face.

    For me going to Church is about faith and keeping up a tradition. I also pray every day, thanking the Lord for His countless blessings.

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    Well while going to office and coming back home I take different route and on the way surely I come across so many temples to which I make my prayers from outside. But surely during festive occasions and other important days I do visit temples with family and pray the God. By the way daily at 4 am after having bath, I pray the God. Almost all the Gods photos are present in my pooja place and I shall pray every one by name in the morning and the atmosphere would be very sober, sublime and it seems Gods also like that timing. I get immense satisfaction in praying God without any disturbance.
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    There were times when I attend programs and preaching thrice a week: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Now, I rarely go to Church on Sunday.
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