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    How many of us make arrangements of water and food grains for sparrows?

    It time of summer season and temperature is increasing day by day. Sparrows are very important for our environment. If we want to save our environment we should save sparrows. It is time of shortage of water. Though I belongs to a small town or you can say its a village but we also feel shortage of water.
    The number of sparrows are decline due to shortage of water and it is necessary to make arrangements for the water and food grains for sparrows. I have also written and article save sparrows save environment .
    How many of us make necessary arrangements of water and food grain for sparrows?
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    At our home we have the habit of offering first food to the birds whether it may be crow or sparrows or even other kind of birds which makes rounds at our house because we are beside a big pond which was naturally made beside the hill lock and the birds have their nests and staying since many years. The green habitat force many birds to live in harmony. But what I wonder is the bird which is having red eyes and looks like dove makes regular visits to have the cooked rice offered for the crow. But it wont eat properly due to fear of attack from other birds and it throws the rice from the wall were it was placed.
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    Yes, I remember when I was young, we use to keep a small bowl of water on the boundary wall of our house for the birds. We as a kid, watch and enjoyed when some bird used to come and drink some water. Slowly, that habit was lost. In my earlier company where I was working, there was a system to keep bowl of water outside top of the gate during summer. I don't know if they follow this still but as long as was there, I had not seen a single day in summer when the bowl was not filled with water. It is good that we should look after the nature whichever way is possible.

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    We have a habit of feeding Piegeons at home. The Sparrows and Parrots are nowhere to be found in my place. They flew high above the sky and they look beautiful and my sister used to get facinated. It is our duty to protect those endangered birds as those you mentioned is found to be rare.
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    I have been noticing this since my childhood. My mother feeds sparrows, bulbuls, mynas,crows and pigeons every morning. My wife has also started this recently. In Delhi, many people provide foodgrains and water to birds, mainly pigeons.

    In this connection, a small anecdote. Two years ago, my mother was hospitalised and we went to Kolkata from Delhi. One day at around 9 a.m., my daughter and I noticed that more than fifty birds (sparrows, bulbuls, crows and pigeons) were waiting in front of our balcony. But there was no one on that day to feed them. My daughter and I immediately remembered Khuswant Singh's famost story "The Portrait of a Lady', where the grandmother of the author used to feed the birds everyday and the birds used to wait patiently.

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    I have arranged bowls of water for the birds in the open area near my house. I also make it a point to put some grains for them in the morning and evening.
    We have this crow that perches on the window sill of our kitchen and produces a typical sound exactly at the time of morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner. It takes biscuits and other eatables offered by my wife from her hand. I never thought that crows can get so close to humans!

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