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    Syllabus should be same all over the country

    Syllabus should be same in all schools of our country.The syllabus of CBSE and State Board are different ,The result of this is that there is a big gap in standard of CBSE and State Board students.
    CBSE students think superior to themselves,State Board students feel inferior to themselves.The theory of education is, no one is superior or inferior all have the souls ,which are pure .The discrimination should be avoided.Students should n't be judged by their courses ,they should be judged by their qualities that they develop in reverse situations.
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    Yes madam, you are right. I agree with you. Now from session 2017-18, same syllabus will be followed in all state board and CBSE. The order has issued. All the school has to follow NCERT books from 2017-18. This order will be implemented from 9-12 standard in all state board and in all CBSE classes.
    So it would be beneficial for the student and every student will be able to face competition examination.

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    You have brought in a point about superiority and inferiority, and therein lies the reason why the syllabus cannot be the same.

    CBSE has a comprehensive syllabus, with unique teaching and examination methodologies practised. CBSE students are made to understand concepts and apply the same. They are taught the basics and they are tested on how best they have understood those basics.

    State Boards are deemed easier to crack because learning is through rote. There is no real application of the brain. Students need to just memorise material.

    There are many factors at play here. The socio-economic background of students, I feel, decides which Board parents select for their children. Children need a basic foundation to be able to cope with CBSE syllabus. The idea you have suggested is good, but given the size of our country and the diversity, it is not easy to implement. This is not something that can be implemented overnight. There is also the question of the autonomy of States.

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    In India each state has its own importance and in History each state Kings and warriors fought immense war and brought name and fame to their respective Kingdom and place and thus there cannot be one syllabus for all over India. And the center cannot force the state to follow the CBSE pattern as the CBSE failed to address the contents with states importance in the chapters and thus many states wont abide by CBSE syllabus. Even the NEET exams which are being held to pick up Medical students through entrance exams across the country is not being agreed by some states like Tamil Nadu.
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