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    Why some people follow the traffic rule only when Traffic Police are available.

    We hardly see any discipline at traffic signal when there is no availability of traffic police. However, the same people who runs here and there or doing zig-zag to go ahead and even cross the red signal, become so innocent when there is any traffic police.

    May be that's why Traffic Police people hide some where in the corner and wait for the culprit. Sometime the scene become funny when one cross the signal and suddenly traffic police appear in front of him from nowhere.

    Really, it is headache to understand when we will follow the traffic rule from our within.
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    I wont agree with the author. The traffic signal near my house starts functioning at 7 am itself and being Warangal high way the traffic would be more even in wee hours. Even though no traffic police is present at that hour, I have invariably seen that every one follows the traffic rule and wait for their turn to move. What I am trying to say that the Hyderabad traffic police has created fear complex that at every signals they have installed cctv camera which records all the happenings at any given time.And if the traffic rules are violated, then one knows the fines to be paid and hence the road users have become more conscious.
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    True, CCTV camera has been install in the major cities however, there are some. who try to go ahead like how footballer go with ball doing zig-zag (like snake walk). They cross the signal and go the to the way which would going to get green signal. Let's see how much these camera factor going to achieve successful.

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    There are very few people who are sincerely disciplined and they always follow the rules and regulations whether someone is monitoring them or not. These are the citizens one can feel proud of.

    Most of the people are opportunist and they will act as per the situation. If they know that no one is monitoring they will violate the rules for their advantage. They also take some risk in uncertain situation.

    Then there is the last category of people who always violate the rules and fight with the monitoring agencies and make it a local issue and color it with a political desire.

    So the people of an area will be violating traffic rules depending on to which category they belong.

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    Following Traffic signals and regulations is for our own safety to avoid crashes and accident. There are reckless driver who voilates the traffic rules and their liscence must be cancelled and sentenced to imprisonment.

    Last year on 31st December, my papa was knocked down by a private light vehicle. The driver was arrested by one of the traffic police. However, he got bailed without any life imprisonment. He passed away after 1 months and 23 days later after that serious accident. I have no faith in our Indian law or regulations anymore.

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    Rules and laws should be followed by one and all not due to fear of punishment but by conscious understanding of the necessity of following them. Traffic rules need to be followed scrupulously irrespective of whether there is a traffic personnel monitoring the same or there is a cc TV camera overlooking us because it is the life of humans that is at stake. Ignoring traffic signals is surely an indication to the fact that one is undisciplined and cares for law only due to the fear of being caught.
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    Many people jump the signals. I noticed this many times. As mentioned in the post if a police is there nearby they will wait for the signal, otherwise they will somehow manage not to stop. This is a very bad habit and responsible citizens of this country should not do this.

    As mentioned in the posts, there are CCTVs in important traffic lights. Once they know that there are CCTVs many stop. But some people still take this risk and go ahead. 100% improvement is not there with cameras and CCTVs near the poles. One should feel the responsibility. He should be safe and make others also safe by following these signals

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