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    One small hope can work wonder to bring lost energy back to human life.

    We human have so much power and energy within us but sometime we lost it due to many reason like depression, sadness or in painful situations. If the same energy could not be brought back, a human could die slowly. Here, if we remind such person or provide him/her a genuine hope, he/she may get back to normal because there is a valid reason for him/her to live. For that hope, they try to fight within themselves and over come from such lost situation. I have seen people those who lost everything mentally and become weaker got back their life just for some hope, a hope for what they want to live.

    We human has so much energy and power within us which even we don't know. This is the power which allow us to fight even in that situation against us. There are so many incident where we wonder how one fought with the death. This all happen because of the power within us whic we are not aware of.
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    I fully agree with the author. In fact this world is running on hope and trust. We trust many people on their face value and some times we even get deceived . On the other hand hope keeps us renewing the lost life. For example we all know a patient with series of ailments in the bed is already declared non recoverable by doctors and the patient wont know. But when the duty doctors visit the patient every morning, they say good words to him and even say that soon he will be recovering and discharged. These are the most encouraging words to a patient who feels that he has to get out of the hospitals first and live in the home. And after doctors told this, he shall be counting the days as to when he will be discharged. Presume the situation if the patient was told the truth, then what would be his fate and behavior with others in the hospital. ?
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hope is the energy making us to lead this life positively. We don't know how we will be tomorrow. But with the hope that everything will be alright we make all arrangements for tomorrow. Without hope our life will become sorrowful. We should have hope in our abilities and we should have hope in our dealings and face everything with a positive hope, we will be successful. Even there are people who fought with deadly diseases with a strong hope and determination and successful in their life.
    Every day night we fix a alarm time to get up next day. That is the hope we have that we have one more day in our life. A man of 90- years also will visit doctor for his well being with a hope that he can survive for some more years. So let us be positive and hope for a better future.

    always confident

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