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    Have we forgotten the "Unity in Diversity" mantra?

    Have we forgotten the 'Unity in Diversity' mantra? The question, in the present scenario, is one which is being asked by most of us, though in different contexts. What has caused our spirit of unity to erode? Why have we started becoming more intolerant to what is different from our thoughts and beliefs? I think it is time to ponder and find an answer to the question that has come from the heart of the author.

    I am a simple man born in a small town where within three kilometers radius we had a Temple, a Church, a Gurudwara and a Masjid. Every morning when I open my eyes, I used to hear all the sounds, whether it is bell sound/Arati in the Temple or Guruvani from Gurudwara or the bell sound from Church or Azaan from Masjid. I never felt any difference because we used to have all these around us. The reason was because we were taught like that. I have never heard from anyone that one is disturbed by these sounds. India is a vast country having so many cultural differences but yet, we are united.

    Why these feelings are getting lost slowly? No, I am not Hindu now, neither I belong to any religious community. I am talking as an Indian which is my first religion, my first identity. I am sure everyone have felt the same when on the 15th of August or 26th of January our tricolor fly high. Then why such differences of thinking are coming up now? Why people have become impatient?

    We celebrate each festival together, we wish each other, whenever there was a need, we fought for our country together and above all we tolerate each other. Why the same feelings are vanishing slowly?

    Have we forgotten the "Unity in Diversity" mantra or have we forgotten that India is "incredible"?
    A question from an Indian needed to be answered.
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    You have raised a correct issue. I also belong to the area of such type in which you have born . I think the Mantra : Unity in Diversity is in our souls but we're not currently able to listen to the voice of soul due to external perceptions but we are able to revise the Mantra again.
    I think the major problem has taken place due to the dirty politics, instigation caused by the politicians ( who have so bad mentality that is unimaginable) have led us to see the dirty riots in a nation where these mantras are taken as ideals. We Indians can get back to our uncontaminated culture again where we assimilate all the religions and 'Vasudhav Kutumbakam' is our principle to follow.
    I think this thread should be spread as far as possible and should reach till the bottom of our hearts.

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    I too fear that the mantra of 'Unity in Diversity' is gradually fading out. We have been living together as Indians despite differences in religion, caste, creed, color, regions and languages. Suddenly we have started becoming aware and careful about our identity. I strongly believe that the support being enjoyed by the Hindutva groups with the coming of the BJP to power at the center has contributed to the erosion; opposite reactions arising out of an insecurity feeling cannot be blamed totally. There were differences all along but we were more tolerant and did maintain (at least tried to) a balance. But the intolerance has started spreading to almost other aspects of daily life (including what one should eat, wear and drink, difference in color and languages and so many other aspects) and I doubt whether we would be able to keep up the faith that all and one has put on the rights and privileges guaranteed by our Constitution. The term liberal is being used liberally to encircle all those who speak of unity and diversity and that is something that need to be considered seriously.
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    Let us start with a question: "Why does Mr. XYZ, a prominent leader of a prominent party, sneeze?" Answer: "Of course the Hindutva group is responsible." #596535 has given this type of logic. "I strongly believe that the support being enjoyed by the Hindutva groups with the coming of the BJP to power at the center has contributed to the erosion; opposite reactions arising out of an insecurity feeling cannot be blamed totally." This is one such fallacious argument. Let me eplain.

    Why does Hindutva group come to power? Why do people discard Nehruvian ideology and concept of secularism? Rampant appeasement everywhere is the answer. The history books are distorted and teaching wrong facts. The benefits of the Govt. schemes are given to a particular community. The religious leaders of a community are given monthly allowances. The rituals and Gods of the majority community are ridiculed in the name of secularism. Lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits were made refugees in their own land within three nights, nobody said anything. Entire demography of bordering districts of West Bengal and Assam have been changed, nothing was reported. On the other hand, when some young boys playing cricket broke the glasses of a church, the liberals shout through the roof about destruction of secularism in India.

    This type of appeasement will not do in future. Indian people won't tolerate such blatantly partial treatment in the names of secularism and respect to diversity. The 'libus' must understand that it is the duty of all to respect diversity. It is not the duty of only the majority community to accept each and every insult, harm and loss in the name of maintaining diversity. We can't harm the ethos of India in the name of maintaining diversity. We must think about 'UNITY' also.

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    A Small story, I am remembering. In a village there was a family. One father and two sons were living together. They had a cow. The elder son was a little dumb whereas the younger one was an intelligent. Father was taking care of two sons with the money he was getting by selling the cow milk. One day the father died. Both the sons sat together.They thought of distributing the cow equally. The younger one was intelligent. He told his brother as we can't cut the cow, you can take care of the front portion of the cow and I will manage the back portion. The elder being a dumb accepted. Every day the elder person was going and getting grass and feeding the cow. The younger was selling the milk and getting income. After a few days the elder realised that no income for him. He went to the village head and informed him about the arrangement. The village head asked him to stop feeding the cow. What might have happened to the cow I leave it to your imagination

    A similar sort of things are going on around. People who are very tolerant will get the punishment. So one day or other they will also become wise.

    'Unity in Diversity' is very good. All should live without any fear, with equal amenities and equal chances to live in. Then nobody bothers about others. But as long as the cruel politics in our country place the trick of attracting a section of the people and not punishing the culprits, the system will definitely change. Nobody can deceive people for ever.

    The change will come if the governance is biased. Even a cat will try to hit and survive if somebody is trying to kill it in a all closed room.

    But Indians have lot of patience. They are waiting. They are very tolerant. Nobody should worry about that.

    always confident

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    As each year and each decade passes,we are slowly going away from the spirit which was seen during the Independence movements. Now one by one all those who had first-hand experience of the Freedom Struggle also become deceased. With them the original fervour is lost.

    Slowly individual comforts and self indulgence is taking over especially due to the external and internal commercial propaganda. So a new kind of unity is coming up: the unity of highly rich, unity of the criminals, unity of the looters and disrupters, the unity of the exploiters, etc.

    Vote bank politics is the only thing growing after our independence. It is this vote bank politics that has made the 'unity in diversity' a myth.
    Still the poor and lower middle class keep the values of unity and co-existence. Whatever god changes that happen in the country is due to the genuinely poor and genuine middle class. But ultimately they only suffer because there is nobody sincerely on their side.

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    Sudipto, please do not pull up old threads.
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