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    How much water do you drink everyday?

    This is a hot summer in India and going to be hotter. We must keep the water level balanced in our body. During this season we regularly losing water from our body to balance body temperature it is advisable for a normal person to drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday. Even more to those who spend their time mostly outside. It Says that even if you don't eat but if your stomach is filled with water, the heat stroke will never be a problem to you. We all know how important is water for us and our body.

    So member, how much water do you drink during summer?
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    As a layman I feel that every adult person must take at least 3 litres of water everyday. During summer, the daily intake should be much more. I try to take 3 litres of water everyday.
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    I drink three litres of water a day, but my intake of fluids is much higher, as I also take buttermilk, lime juice, lassi etcetera and eat lots of juicy fruits and include cucumber in my meals. I have a one-litre bottle that I drink from. I refill it as it gets empty.
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    I have never measured how much water I take.
    If I am at home, I take water whenever I feel thirsty. But when I am on travel or visiting some places, I may be even controlling the urge to drink for reasons of saving time, availability etc.

    On a simple guess, I feel I take about six to 8 glasses (coffee glass) of water minimum everyday on an average day. This is apart from the coffee or tea two or three glasses. But during summer I take more water depending on the need.

    Reading the above responses, I feel m intake of water is less.

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    Normally I drink lots of water. Even during the meal I drink the water in between and that is the habit. Now the summer is at peak and luckily in Hyderabad we have water donors set up their camps at various places to provide cooled pot water. I normally take two glass of water at every interval of one hour as I keep on moving across the city on my office work. There is no count. As long as I feel thirsty and like to have the water, I wont mind asking even at strangers house. But in Hyderabad water is provided by every one and there is no question of denial to anyone.
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    I forget to mention that I drink almost 3-4 liter water everyday, even more. I keep drinking water in regular basis when I am at my office. I finish 3 bottle daily during my working hour and I do take juices while on the way to home or work. At home too, I keep drinking water from glass regularly.

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    Water is an essential element after air. About 74% of our body requires water. Summer is here and it's time for ice cream, water and mangoes. We usually take ice creams to beat the heat. It's not that hot in here as compared to Dimpur, Aboi, Kiphire, Hyderabad etc.

    I honestly don't care if it's hot or cold. I have to drink more than three liters of water on regular basis.

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    Myself used to have at least 4 litres of water in a day irrespective of the seasons whether it is summer or winter. On holidays it may be a bit less than that. Most of the human bodies requires consumption of water in a considerable manner to have a bath to the internal organs so that their functioning would go in smooth manner.

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    I drink enough water daily. I drink almost 12 glasses of water daily. Water has many medicinal uses. Generally I drink 3 glaases of water at the morning before tea and 3 glasses of water at night before going to bed. It is very omportant that we should drink enough water since water are necessary for metabolic processes of our body. For a healthy person colour of urine must be white instead of yellow. We should remember it.
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    I just published an article on the significance of water. Those of you who do not drink enough water will find good reasons to up your water intake. Those who want to know how much water you should drink will find answers too. Please check the article on water here.
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    It is usually advised to drink 3-4 litres of water. Water intake should be more especially in the summer so that we are hydrated enough. I drink water every now and then. I have a one litre bottle for myself and I fill that bottle atleast 3-4 times in a day. That way I am sure I drink enough water and I am well hydrated.

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