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    Articles not edited since more than two weeks

    Articles are not edited since many days and this month will shortly end and so we should not miss our cash credits for the month. So, I request that the articles get edited.
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    Swati your post is not clear with information. Give the urls so that we can also know what is the reason for non approval of your articles even after two weeks.
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    Following are the two articles that are not edited

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    Swati, please wait for a response from the concerned editors.
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    Swati, your first article under reference was posted on 15th April and the second one on the 16th and today is 22nd. It does not come to two weeks by any means. Please be patient! Articles are edited in queue unless it is time bound or is part of some contest. Your articles will be reviewed within the stipulated time.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance'- Confucius

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    Members should note that since the summer vacations have begun, editors too are relaxing & enjoying with their families. So please be patient if there are a few delays in various sections from time to time in April & May.
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    #596576, but what if it affects in members monthly earning? The point and cc which should get included in current month is getting delayed. Should not editor look into this as priority than enjoying with their family. If relaxing with family is more important than I would request admin to close the article section for a month.

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    Every month there are bound to be a few posts in various sections (and not just in the articles section) which are submitted in the ending week, which get reviewed in the next month. It is not that every single post in the entire month gets reviewed in that month itself. I have also clearly stated "from time to time". It is not that there are permanent constant delays!

    As for family - why shouldn't family be a priority over work? We have mentioned about delays in editing during festive seasons & school holiday breaks earlier too and everyone has been understanding about it. So why are you making a big issue of it now with relation to summer vacations this year?

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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    Ohh so saying few words against editor become a "Big Issue". Mind you ME, please think positive about your members at least. I am too saying the same let the editor enjoy with their family for one month. Why to come in between?

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    Two week is a not small time. If two week one article is not review we can wait another two week too. At least we will know that editors are giving their time to family.

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    The manner in which you responded did look like you were making it a big issue. I did not take it in that sense at all (that it was said against editors) . I consider it a basic courtesy to inform members if there are going to be delays as I am fully aware of the importance of getting earnings on time, especially if it is a matter of reaching a certain goal or being able to reach the minimum payout level. Hence my response in this thread. There really was no need for you to blow it out of proportion. More important: You have not bothered to check out this thread properly. See the article's dates and editor Saji's response. It is not a 2 week delay at all.

    I am closing this thread now.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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