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(Special Prize Winner of the TOW contest for the week 16th April to 22nd April 2017)
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    Realised how strong mother's love can be after experiencing it

    I am happy and pleased to announce that I gave birth to a baby girl last Saturday. My angel is doing good, keeping me busy most of the time in the day and also at night. I know mother's love is very strong but realised how strong it can be only after experiencing it myself. Motherhood is a wonderful feeling I am experiencing right now, though finding it difficult to manage and handle things. Need your blessings and prayers for my baby doll.
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    Truly said, congratulation and my best wishes to your angel. Becoming a parent is really a proud moment for any person. Yeah, I can recall too the excitement which I got when I first time saw my baby. Undoubtedly, this is the most emotional moment. Enjoy and experience the best moments of your life. God bless you both.

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    Many congratulations Sushma! Motherhood is indeed very precious and I am glad that you thought about us, ISCians, in this moment of joy. Becoming a mother is, no doubt, something about which a woman should be proud of but being a mother call for much more care and responsibility. Take care and be responsible. Enjoy motherhood and give our love and kisses to the young one! God bless!
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    I congratulate the extremely proud mother of a bonny girl. At the same time, I would like to remember Mr. Sun's numerology- based prediction about your baby.
    Without ridiculing anything and anybody, I would reiterate that I don't believe in numerology or astrology. Congratulations once again.

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    Wow what a transformation in your life. You are now a caring mother of a lovely adorable girl child. I can understand your joy and emotions at this point of life. For every women getting a motherhood is the gift of the nature and the bonding of child and mother would start with right earnest. Such is the bonding you talk to the child from day one as if she understands all your command and she responds with her own style. Great moment indeed. Cherish all those nicer moments of the child gradually growing up. Give all the love and affection for first five years which is very essential for any child. Never ever get irritated with the behavior of the child on any occasion even if you have to compromise with your sleep.
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    Parents blessing is more important than anything else in the world. This is rightly said by the authour. Father is always important and remain the head of the family. It's a blessing to be a mother. Congrats for that.

    I wish all the best to you and almighty God shower blessing abundantly upon your little Angel.

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    Congratulations to the proud parents on the arrival of their little bundle of joy! The collective blessings of your ISC family are very much with the baby. Enjoy many a happy, loving moment together.
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    Congratulations to the parents of the lovely newcomer into your family. Mother will have nine months more attachment with her children than all others. Always a mother is a tribute to the human being. Even Though she knows it is very difficult to bear delivery pains, she loves having those pains in bringing in a child to this universe. Whatever we do to our mother it will be definitely less than what she has done to us. She has donated us our life.

    I know the feelings of a new parent. When my first kid came into this world, I was away from the place and I couldn't see him for about 10 days after his birth. The humiliation I felt couldn't be described. Take care of your darling and all the best to you and your child.

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    Hearty congratulations Ms.Sushma for having achieved motherhood status. Its a birth to new baby and a re-birth to a mother to achieve the status. We all pray the almighty to shower his blessings on your child and on you too to take care of her.

    The power of ISC is shown here. Just got the motherhood, must be busy with the child and with other reasons. But even then drew your attention towards ISC. Your love and affection towards ISC is seen here and hence blessings of all ISCians would always be with you and your child. Take care Madam.

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    My hearty congratulations to you Ms. Sushma and welcome to your little angel. I wish every happiness in the world to be hers.

    Carpe Diem

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    Ms. Aswini: Ms. Sushma is now the proud mother of a bonny girl. She also deserves your best wishes.
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    Congrats Sushma, the proud mother of a tiny tot. My best wishes to the 'cute baby' also. Your new role starts now.

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