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    An honest man never seek success but success seeks him.

    Today, honesty seems to have lost it's meaning. Money and power plays an important role in person's life. The value of money has shot up. Everyone wants to earn as much monies as possible to become rich. But still we appreciate honesty. All religious lay emphasis on honesty.

    An honest person may sometimes has to face many problems because he/she is truthful and hate dishonest, cunning and greedy people. Honesty should be maintained everywhere. We should obey laws, help others, never defies the law and regulations to free ourselves from serious troubles.

    Honesty also strengthens one's spiritually, enabling us to take challenges with confidence. Dishonesty gives gain sometimes but those gains are short lived. It kill our soul and snatches away our peace of mind. Honest people are respected and loved by everyone.

    Is it an easy job to remain honest in this world? Discuss your views.
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    Well we are now forced to live amid dishonest people around us and the influence of those bad elements are very much there in our life too. But a honest person inculcate this rare habit from his child birth and he wont change his attitude no matter who ever influences him. For a while we may feel that there is no place for honest people in this era. But when the days go by those who are dishonest with us previously would repent for their behavior with us and may even change their attitude. At that time due recognition of our honesty would come to the forth and the whole world applaud it.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Honest people will always be respected. In his absence also people say he is quite honest. Now a days everybody talks about honesty and ethics. But how many people follow that really is a question mark. What you practice only you have to preach. But now people say, do what I say but don't do what I do.

    In government offices somebody is real honest, he has to face lot of problem. The higher ups will ask the lower people to bypass some rules but a honest man never accept that. There the problem starts.

    In public there are many people who wants some favours from government. They go and bribe the concerned officer and get their work done. If an honest officer is not willing to do that, he will be pressurised and punished. This is the award a honest man gets in our country. A man who wants to be really honest has to face all these problems. A change should come in our country and all honest people should be encouraged. We have to wait for such a day.

    always confident

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    @Sir Mohan, yes, as the saying goes: Honesty is the best policy, it plays an important role in our real life. Honest people are brave and aren't afraid to accept challenges.

    @Dr Shrinivas, rightly said. Dishonest person can never be sure of anything. He is always busy and double minded. A change must enter in us by inviting honesty because we needs enough courage and determination to be honest. Change is in us.

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    The word 'honest' searching for its existence in the present generation and would be curtailed to museum like place in the English dictionary. Honest is being subsumed in the dark shadows of diplomacy, reservedness in the running race of earning more money. Priority is being given to earn money rather than fame with honesty.

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    An honest man attains success but after long hard work. Such people are never crazy behind success but only focus upon moving towards right direction and path of life. They strive so much and maintain a smile on their face, that nobody can even imagine that they are struggling in life. When they attain success in life, people only view the positive side of their life, but the path to success remains a secret.

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    Its not that Honesty has totally lost from our character but taken a back seat in our mind. However, there are people who still have strong believe in honesty. It may look tiny in current world but having greater impact on anything related to our life. People are still getting the much respect those who are honest and whatever work it may be they work with honesty. People will born and die, some may die being rich some may die being poor but the honesty is a character of a person which never dies. People remember them and try to help them as much as possible.

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