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    Tribal youth of Jhabua offer to take on Kashmiri stone-pelters with traditional skill

    Would it be feasible or legal for a government to engage a voluntary group from Jhabua to counter, using their Gofan, another voluntary group in Kashmir, using stones? Would it be effective and would the government be responsible for the consequences? The stone-pelters need to be tackled but would this be a possible solution. Join this discussion with your free opinions.

    If Army soldiers face them in future, they would shoot them-shoot to kill. When soldiers of the para-military force faced them, they used pellet guns to seriously injure them. Now, what is the alternative?

    When the responsible people of the Government are in a huddle to decide the most appropriate decision to tackle these Kashmiri hooligans, the tribal youth of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh have come up with a traditional solution. They have offered to form a battalion and use their traditional expertise in Gofan (a tribal slingshot) against the stone-pelters. The knowledgeable people have admitted that this traditional skill of the tribal people of Jhabua in slingshot can provide a very suitable and effective solution to the problem of stone-pelting of Kashmiri youth. The tribal youth can give a befitting reply to those hooligans without killing them.

    Let the government take a suitable decision and send some youth from Jhabua to Kashmir for teaching the stone-pelters an appropriate (not disproportionate) lesson. What is you say on this?
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    I think the Kashmiri stone pelting tradition and its after effects are going the way like Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka liquidated our own Tamils there. If the authors version as to be taken granted, I wont agree with the suggestion that Youths tribal from Jhabua who are well versed in slingshot be deployed to punish the stone -pelters in a tit for tat act. What I feel that Kashmiri youths are wrongly informed and instigated by the local leaders there and thus the same local leaders have to be prevailed upon to bring normalcy in the valley otherwise they would be punished by the law by shifting them to other states in India.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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