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    How the pet would reach the master house even it was left far behind in a gunny bag ?

    One of my friend who was having a dog which he nurtured with great care and affection. But his family members are not cooperating with his nurturing and forced him to part ways with that pet. So he has forced the pet into a gunny bag and left the same far away from his home and came by vehicle. But to his surprise and the family members astonishing the pet came back to his home and of course with some injuries as other animals on the way might have chased and attacked it. Now what is the solution for this and how the pet came back to his home ?
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    What an inhuman act committed by your friend. I am sorry I am deviating from the question, but a pet should never be abandoned. What your friend did is revolting. How did he have the heart to put his pet in a gunny bag and abandon him? He left him to die. Do you see how disgusting that is?

    If I were you I would report this to the Blue Cross or an office of an Animals Right organisation, such as People for Animal. This is an act of cruelty against an animal. What is sad is that the animal was brought up by your friend. To the animal, your friend's family is his own. Your friend betrayed the trust of an animal. This is not the time to sit and wonder how the dog abandoned in a gunny bag returned or how to abandon the animal yet again. This is time to teach your friend a lesson on compassion, to let him and his family know how cold-hearted and insensitive they have been.

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    Here my friend is the lover of animal and his family is against and hence he took that decision of abandoning with great reluctance.
    K Mohan
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    Your friend committed the act. There can be no excuse of who made him act that way.

    Can you imagine what a painful death the animal would have had if he had not been able to free itself? This is a betrayal of trust. Your friend, I am sure must be capable of making decisions. He made the decision to put the animal in a gunny bag. What kind of mind does that?

    I do not understand how you still stand in support of your friend and his actions, despite the facts being in front of you. This is a time to condemn his actions. A wrong should never be condoned.

    I suggest you ask your friend to get in touch with an Animal Welfare Organisation and ask them for help in putting his pet up for adoption. The dog deserves a loving and caring family.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    It is said that a dog or cat can be made more affectionate by doing this. Just apply some honey or gud under your feet and make the pet to lick it. It will never forget the master and remain forever. Also pets are faithful to their master without doing this. They long for their maste'rs arrival, they wait for the master's feed, they cry when the master is worried. They can trace the track and return home from nearby areas if abondoned..

    I too had an experience of leaving a cat which lived in my house and was a problem. I never made it my pet, but it made me as her pet. Once I thought of leaving her a mile away. I carried it in a bucket on my scooter and left it in another village. Yet next day I could see the cat at my home. We wondered, and started treating it as our pet cat. Now I am lover of pet cats and dogs.

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    I totally agree with Juana. Your friend nurtured the dog with great care and affection and yet chose to abandon because his family didn't like it. Mr Mohan, I am not questioning your imagination or creativity, but could you please explain as to how your friend took care of the dog till the time he was abandoned? Was your friend a bachelor when he bought the dog in? If otherwise, your claim that the dog was nurtured with care and affection seem to fall flat!

    Keeping in mind an earlier thread (which was later shifted to AE section) of yours based on pets, I don't mind taking it that you have tried to create a situation for the sake of creating a thread and the same seem to have boomeranged. Your friend has committed an inhuman and criminal act which need to be condemned. If the dog was his pet and his family had reservations about the same, there are many other ways of solving the problem which your friend must have looked into. By the by, where is the dog now, Mr Mohan?

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    What your friend did is a cruel act thinking that the abandoned pet dog to be killed in this way. But pet animals always show their honesty and trust towards their owner in any circumstances. Your friend instead of doing like that can give it to an organization like Blue Cross.

    In this connection I will give my experience of the honest and trust worthy nature of the pets shown towards us. At my childhood time my grand father used to domesticate a buffalo. One day while grazing in a nearby place of hills in Visakhapatnam, the buffalo and Calf were missed. We searched for them two days but in vain. On the third day the buffalo and calf on their own got into our house and settled at their usual place. We have observed that some one tied the buffalo with their rope but it has broken the rope and returned back to our house. Every one in our family astonished the way it came back and we are in a mood that we may not get back our buffalo at that time. After some time the Calf died and then the buffalo stopped eating for a week and started weeping with tears several days. This shows how the mother shows its love towards their young ones in animals also.

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    I am not a pet lover still I would say that he should have done the act other way around. If I keep a pet in my house, I would look after them as I do for my other family member, this how it should be.

    Coming to your point as how it comes back to your friend house. The dog has very strong sense of smelling anything that help them to find their way to home. They are able to smell specific smell (like your friend's as he used to be close to the dog always) till long distance. This is why they can find their home even if you left them far away from your home.

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    Mr. Mohan, your friend might have taken the opinion of his family members before deciding on taking care of a pet. That is always better. I am a lover of pets, I want to have one in my house. I asked my father and he replied in negative. Hence I stopped that Idea. Once you start taking care of a pet, they will be loyal and faithful to you. They fight with others for you. So leaving them in between is not correct. He might have handed over his pet to any other person who is having interest.
    In my school days, people used to travel by horse carts(Tangas). Evenings when we get on to a tanga and if the tanga has to pass his owners place to drop us, the horse is not willing to cross that house. The master has to get down of the cart and pamper the horse. Then only it used to start walking again. Such is the identifying power of these animals.

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    Me too agree with the comments of our valuable members that the inhuman and cruel act of the person did so. I don't want to add more comments on that.

    In this context, I would like to share my personal experience here. My family wanted to have a pet dog since few years back which I was not agreed to. It is not the fact that I don't like them but it would be a burden for us like whenever if we want to have vacation with family, we have to think about the pets about their stay, food, etc. But one fine evening during last year March, I was surprised to see tiny Pomeranian in my house. At least for one day I was not happy with the dog, but now I can't think a day passes without my pet. Pets are so trustworthy and they can live without us but sometimes we may not if they are habituated to us.

    Coming to your question, how the abandoned dog in a gunny bag came to the house is, as I presume that the dogs generally have more sensitivity of smelling power and hearing power. With these powers only, the dog must have followed the route in which his master was reached home.

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    After seeing those angry reactions to this post I suggested by friend to find way to help the pet. He had contacted a private pet boarding and lodging organization which shall take care of dog for a price which he has not revealed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Private pet boarding and lodging centres can only be a temporary arrangement. These are used by pet owners when they have to leave the station and cannot take their pets along. They are also very expensive. I had a friend check out a pet boarding and lodging place for his pet, and they asked for 10k for twenty days stay. It is a big, flourishing business.

    I still feel your friend is abandoning the dog. Talk him into bringing the animal back. Have him talk to his family.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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