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    The reason behind reckless rearing of kids.

    I have a family as neighbor living beside my house. There is one working lady having two small daughters and a husband who rarely care to visit the home. The lady doesn't seem to be much educated and work mainly as a caretaker in somebody's house. Now what worries me is that she lefts everyday her two kids at home all by thesmelves. The elder daughter would be hardly be seven years old with her younger sister with about two years less than the former. They would be in the house all the day from morning to the evening, playing, watching television, sometimes be on the road waiting for the mother after getting bored from everything. Their father would visit home once in a blue moon and having a look at him he doesn't seem to be having much of the permanent job as a source of earning. Being home for him for about a week is rare as in two to threee days of his staying he gets tussle with her wife and he goes away again. The education of kids is nil as I got to know that they have the fees due to school. I don't want to be critical but I can totally say she is a reckless parent. Initially I would think about the money issue and responsibility issue but now brashness is explicit. What could be the reason overall? The improper education of the mother which could hinder her to think about the proper care of the kids. Sometimes kids don't have the water to drink as their mother locked the kitchen and doesn't even care to have the information about them all the day. The improper family planning is also one of the mode of defection seen here as fluctuating income source should not led them to have back to back kids. She tries to make herself look good with whatever she earns, try to have some gadgets without she could do but pays less attention to her kids even after she gets home after the job as she gets furious over kids if kids have done mischiefs without thinking from the point of view of kids that it's really impossible for kids to pass the time whole day by themselves. And it has been the story of many homes now.
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    In fact I feel pity and pathetic over the situation of that women with two kids. When a husband does know how to nurture the family and look after the family, he has no right to have children. See the plight of that women. She is illiterate and eke out life by doing care taker works and I think the salary which she gets wont even suffice for their daily food. I feel that the lady must be frustrated enough and her helplessness to nurture the children forced her to leave them to their fate. In small families when the husband is not good, the children and the wife are the most affected. In this case too the women is really fighting the life for survival and how can she put those two children in the school. The society where she lives should feel pity and contribute to help her to have the education for her children.
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    We are quick to judge and slow to act. There are two ways of dealing with this situation –

    1. Mind their own business
    2. Do something to remedy the situation

    You have detailed information about this woman, about the gadgets she owns, her family life and what goes on inside her home. Your interest in her is more than normal and it shows that you care. Why not do something to help her and her kids? Discussing her life in an online forum is not going to change the situation in any way.

    Discussing the size of her family and lack of family planning is a very personal matter, which neighbours should not be deliberating. I get an impression that there is a lot of gossip happening around your neighbourhood, with regards to this woman and her family. Speculating about her life and/or going by hearsay is not correct. Go and speak to her, offer to help. Get neighbours to take care of the children in her absence. Do something constructive that counts. If not. Let her be!

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    Many children in our country are like this. They don't know the importance of education. In this particular case, what we understand is the father is not caring for his children. Mother somehow managing food and clothes to them by working in somebody's house as a caretaker Now a days there are many NGOs who are helping children like this in getting educated . They try to find a person who is interested in donating for the education of the poor children. Those will pay the required amount for their uniforms, books and fees, provided they get admitted into a government school. As a educated neighbor of that family, you can find out one such NGO and contact them and give the details of these children. Definitely they will help them. My daughter in law does some of this kind of work to some poor children.
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