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    How many of us having musical instrument at their home?

    Everyone love music and sometime in their life they might have tried to learn a musical instruments. If not, they buy for their kid mostly to learn basics. I am sure most of us would be having any kind of musical instruments at their home like mini keyboard, Harmonium, Veena, Guitar, synthesizer etc. Due to our busy life and achieving other important Goal in life, we miss it and thus it stay at our home unused. If it so, and now if you have little time to spare for the music, why can't you enjoy learning it?

    So, member do you have any musical instruments at home which you want to learn but could not be able to do. Please share your memories.
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    I don't have any musical instrument at home. I like music but I never got a chance to learn it nor never felt I should learn it because of which I don't have any musical instrument. But if at all I get a chance to learn any musical instrument, then I would choose guitar and I would like to have one.

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    My wife has her harmonium. She regularly (twice everyday) practises it and keeps it in a good condition.
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    I have a Harmonium which remains untouched. I bought it in the year 1999 to learn it. Also, I bought a book 'How to play Harmonium." By looking at the book, I could play some cine songs. Anyhow, my learning is incomplete without a master. I am searching for a Guru to teach me Harmonium on this good earth, and I hope to learn it before my death.
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    I have three musical instruments at home, all belonging to my daughter. There is an acoustic guitar, which she hasn't touched since she left college. There is a brass flute which she played when she was in the school band and there is a mouth organ, which has been with us since she was little.

    There is an interesting story behind the mouth organ. We had gone to a store to buy our daughter a keyboard and she became fascinated with a mouth organ. It was a high-end, professional instrument. She was all of four, and too young to handle it, but the shopkeeper gifted it to my daughter. He insisted we take it. He was fascinated with my little girl speaking to us in flawless English, and speaking to him in flawless Hindi. All her attempts to learn the instrument have been in vain, as we could never find someone to coach her.

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    I'm a music lover and am a Veena player. I do have one Veena (Bobbili Veena), a keyboard (Casio), mouth organ (an antique piece) and a Sruti box too but due to increased family responsibilities these musical instruments are confined to almirah. These are more like show piece in my home. My daughter who is 7 years old, is learning vocal and she uses sruti box while practicing. Hope my daughter will also use my keyboard and Veena.

    There are 3 places in the South where Veenas are made. These are Thanjavur (Tanjore) in Tamil Nadu, Bobbili and Nujiveedu in Andhra Pradesh. Veena is made of logs of jack fruit tree. And the Veena which is normally used is also known as Saraswati Veena while there is another type of Veena called the Rudra Veena.

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    I dont have any musical instrument at my home. I also dont have knowldege of music. I only sing song without knowing its tal or sur.
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    I have a basic model keyboard of Yamaha. I have tried to learn to play it but unable to get the gist of it. Hope to try and learn to play it. The speed with which the keys are to be pressed is a bit difficult for me.
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    We had a Casio Music player which was purchased when my son was a child. But later it was fallen down by mistake and got repaired. It is not working properly. The combination of music and the sounds of various music instruments make that player very interesting. I used to play it for a while when no one was at the home because the sounds coming from it would induce others also have try on it. Nevertheless that was a wonderful player which I liked and surely want to have it again as I understand new versions of Casio Music players is out in the market and shall own one.
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    Unfortunately, we haven't any music instrument at home apart from mini music player and Ipods. I'd like to own a Guitar but they are easy to learn and hard to master. I may end up certainly so I have very little interest in musical instruments.
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    Great to know that many of us having musical instruments at our home. My only advice that please keep checking your instruments time to time. If you just left it untouched for such long time, there are major chances that your good valuable instrument may spoil its character. Specially guitar, if it kept in tuning tension for long time, the guitar neck or bridge may get damaged. So, please check it out regularly even if you don't play, the care and love is what a instruments need. It may be not living things but it act the way you react with them.

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    My sister learned harmonium. My father purchased it for her practice. She learnt it for some time and left it. The equipment was given to somebody who wants to use it.
    Another sister learnt Veena. She purchased a veena. She always keeps it in good condition. She plays it now and then.
    In my house we have a violin. My daughter in law practices on that. Now and the we spend some time hearing her violin.

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    Violin is one of the most fascinating instrument and I love this sound. I know to play Guitar, keyboard and little bit Piano. I can play Harmonium too since the basic is as same as keyboard. However, now my interest is going on Violin. Though, I know its difficult to learn after certain age, still I am just policing my hand on it. Let me see if I could be able to learn basics at least.

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    I was made to stop learning violin due to my studies. But even after I stopped going to classes regularly I used to practice it now and then, but I couldn't pass through the saraliswaras before I gave it to my teacher as he asked it for a concert and I thought that I am insulting it by keeping it at home without playing it. So once I finish all my exams I will get my violin back and restart my classes. Right now we have a keyboard at home. I gifted it to my father on his birthday. He wanted to learn it but couldn't do so because of us. He wanted to pave a safe path to me and my brother and now he got some time to learn it. He is enjoying the classes and learning very passionately. That makes me the happiest person.
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    I used to go to Music classes regularly and well versed with playing Guitar, Casio keyboard and mouth organ. I presented some stage shows during our college events and our colony functions. We have a Flute also which we purchased at Mathura. My sister is very good at playing Guitar.
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    The most important part is that once you learn to play one musical instrument and once the knowledge of the "Sur" fixed in your mind, it become easy to play other instruments. Yes, for that one need to practice hard.

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    We have quite a few number of musical instruments with us. A 5 piece drum kit from Jinbao, a bongo and a mouth organ. Then there is a harmonium which belongs to my wife from her childhood days. There was a tabla too with her, but it has been now given to a relative . My wife doesn't play the harmonium any more. It's simply gathering dust. But I do play sometimes the instruments that belong to me. This is the first time in this forum I am acknowledging that I too am a fan of musical instruments just like Jeets. I still remember those days, when I was in my early twenties and I used to travel a distance of 13 km, soon after returning from office, thrice a week to learn play the harmonica. I still have the same harmonica with me. It is a bit damaged though and I have plans to buy a new one. Though I have great love for playing the drums, it was actually purchased for my son. He hardly plays it these days. Even I play it occasionally. After purchasing the drum kit the bongo got neglected. But these days we play it whenever there's a musical get-together with friends at our place. Even though I am hardly getting time with my musical instruments, I still dream of playing them more often. Yes, it's true that ISC these days takes away a large share of my leisure time, thus making me to cut down on my other hobbies.
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