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    Bakkhali: A quiet sea-beach very near to my Kolkata residence: Part-II

    Continued from Bakkhali: A quiet sea-beach very near to my Kolkata residence: Part-I

    In the evening, we reached the sea-beach. The vastness of the dark blue water made my wife speechless. I perfectly understood her feeling. We sat on a bench on the beach. As that was a week-day, very few people were there. The beach was dimly lit, the sky was black (it was November evening), the sea in front of us was more black. We sat on the bench silently and listened to the roaring sound of waves. We returned from the sea-shore after 9 p.m, had our dinner and returned to the comfort of the Guest House.

    Early morning next day, we again went to the beach and enjoyed the quiet and calm beauty of the Bay of Bengal. Then I took her to Henry's Island and she had a panoramic view of Sundarban from the watch-tower. In Henry's Island, we visited the beach. Not a single person was there on that beach. Innumerable red crabs were our only companion on that beach.

    From Henry's Island, we visited Fraserganj, another neighouring locality. She, for the first time, saw the bund area ('bheri' in Bengali) where fishes are produced on a mass scale. We also visited the four wind-mills from where electricity is produced.

    In the afternoon we hired a boat and visited the confluence of two rivers. The vastness of the rivers of Bengal again made my wife spell-bound. It seemed that there was no end of water, there was no limit. While returning, I showed her the famous mangrove forest of Sundarban. We also noticed a red piece of cloth tied on a tree, which signifies killing of a human being by a tiger at that place. In the late evening, we returned to Fraserganj dock and from Fraserganj, we returned to Bakkhali at a distance of 2 kilometers.

    On the next day, we visited the very small Botanical Garden adjacent to the local forest Office. We returned from Bakkhali after a very satisfying short trip.

    [Note for the tourists: (a) Try to visit Bakkhali in winter during week days. With very good connectivity, the place is now full of tourists from Kolkata during holidays. (b) Earlier, there was shortage of accommodation, but nowadays there are many hotels. But the State Government Guest House is the best. (c) Don't forget to taste sea-food at small eateries of Bakkhali. The food is unbelievably cheap compared to the sea-food in Goa or Kerala. Not only sea-food, you can also get fresh river-water fish in abundance. (d) However, it is not possible to watch the sunrise or sunset at the sea-beach of Bakkhali. The reason of this phenomenon is not known to me. May be this is due to its geographical position.]
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    To be honest in the guise of reading this thread which the author dedicated to his wife for having taken her first time to the Bakkhali beach, we are also now introduced to new areas in Kolkatta such as Henry Island, Fraserganj and also the exotic Sundarbans. One thing is sure such places are to be visited by whole family especially with the children and grand children and their enjoyment on seeing the vast water cannot be imagined nor forgotten. By the way India being Peninsular country, we have beaches at various places like Vizag, Machilipatnam, Pondichery, Cuddalore, Rameshwaram, and many places of Kerala and Goa.
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    Well written & fascinating - it is a complete waste to post this in the forum! Honestly, you can present it very nicely as an article in the tourism category. It helps to write tourist related articles from a personal view point as it makes for an interesting read, like it does here. You can add more informative details, such as places to stay and eat, more details of the botanical garden (open to the public when?), Henry's Island (how to go there? is there a ferry - if so, timings?), the wind mills (where exactly? is it open to the public?) - you could find out the details for current travellers and put in the info.

    I seriously suggest that you stop posting such personal experiences related to your travels in the forum. You will get better traffic, not to mention good earnings too, from such writings in the article section.

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    #596436: Thanks for the appreciation. I go to Bakkhali almost every year, whenever I visit Kolkata. My residence is at South Kolkata. It takes around 4-5 hours to reach Bakkhali from my residence. But I still remember my wife's surprise when I took her there for the first time immediately after our marriage. It was not a pre-planned trip.

    Henry's Island: Henry's island is not an island. It is a secluded spot with a beach which one Mr. Henry purchased for his own pleasure. But he could not enjoy it. He died within two-three years of purchasing it (before independence). Now, the State Government has taken over the area. Very recently (I saw it last year) a hotel was opened in this place. It is at a distance of 1 km. from Bakkhali. It is always open, but people don't go there at night because the area is full of small plants and trees and there is real fear of snakes.

    Fraserganj: Located at a distance of 2 km. from Bakkhali. One Mr. Fraser purchased it before independence. He started the 'bheri' which the State Government has now taken over. The dilapidated bungalow of Mr. Fraser on the beach creates a sense of awe and mystery at night.

    Small Botanical Garden: The Forest Office is just beside (next building) the Govt. Guest House. The adjacent area has been converted to a small botanical garden where all mangrove plants available at Sundarban can be seen.

    I sincerely thank Ms. Vandana for her suggestion. If my mood and laid-back attitude permit, I will write some articles on my experience of visiting various places.

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