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    Do you welcome State and Parliament polls at the same time?

    After winning the elections at the center BJP in the last General elections, BJP leaders are promoting the opinion of elections for State Assemblies and General elections at the same time. Saving time and money are the reasons they are saying for this opinion. Yesterday A.P. Chief Minister Mr. Chandra Babu Naidus in his Cabinet meeting hinted his party leaders there may be early polls for both Assemblies and General elections at the same time which may be in the next year. In this contest is it good to conduct both the polls at the same time in your opinion? In my opinion recently conducted UP elections it took more than one month to conduct elections and release results. Many of the exams like CBSE, ICSE, University and State exams were postponed because of this elections. If both the elections are conducted for the entire country how much time it will take to conduct the elections and give results. During that time the entire official activities of people become standstill and normal life of entire country will be affected.

    Folks, what is your opinion about it?
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    I am also agreeing to the proposal of holding assembly and Parliament seats polls simultaneously so that voters in each state can gauge whom to vote rightly and get benefited. Now a days with staggered elections to some assemblies now and then, the regional parties in respective poll states are heavily influencing the local voters to vote for them and they are winning too. For state the regional parties may win but for Parliament only National parties who can give stable government for five years should be elected by seeing their past performance, their future promises and ultimate benefits.
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    Political leaders of the present rulers are definitely want to earn the mileage of the vote banking what they have right now. May be that is the reason thinking of the rulers at states and centre for choosing early polls.

    But in a broader perspective irrespective of all these calculations, holding elections for the centre and states at single time will definitely yield certain best results to the country. There are many positive debates of the various agencies and a report of the Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice in this regard is already available with the centre.

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    Immediately after independence, the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections used to be held simultaneously. As far as I know, this continued till 1977. But this was continued at the time of Lok Sabha election in 1980. Most probably that was the first time, only Lok Sabha election was held.

    If Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections are held at the same time, there is no doubt that it would cut the cost in a considerable manner. But considering the complexities of Indian politics, qualition politics and absence of clear mandates by electorates, this may not be feasible in the long run.

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    I think it needs guts to have reforms in Indian elections. Time and again our PM Modi has been suggesting simultaneous polls for state and parliament seats and that would be one time expenses and the mandate will also be clear cut without any chance for rejig.
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    The idea seems to be good but not practicable. The state elections themselves are conducted in phases. In such a scenario, elections at the same time to Parliament and State Assemblies may take a long time. In India providing adequate security is a problem.
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    The proposal is good to cut down the expenditure. But it will not be practicable as there will be utter confusion among the voters if voting was done on the same day. There should be two good days consecutively. The first day should be for the state assembly and the second day for the parliament. Counting should be done on a single day.

    Do we have sufficient electronic voting machines to go for voting on a single day for both state assembly and parliament? We need to rethink this subject to find a solution to conduct elections smoothly without much expenditure.

    Recently, we failed to conduct a single election for RK Nagar constituency.

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    Please read my previous response. This practice was in vogue in India till 1977. This tradition was automatically discontinued because some Governments (both Central and State) fell before the stipulated time causing holding of elections before 5 years.
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    I feel conducting both election at a time will benefit the public also. Lot of disturbance to the public at least for one month. Loud speakers, vehicles with announcements, public meetings so on so forth. Lots of time is getting wasted. Public money, the hard earned tax payers money is getting wasted like this. One month for Parliament elections and one month for state elections. That means minimum two months in five years. It is a big burden. If both are done together, only one month is sufficient. Lot of money will be saved. All over India it can be kept in a span of two or three months also but for a particular place one month only. Voter is not at all worried about all these propaganda. He may take his decision irrespective of all these things.Government has to plan and make all arrangements to complete the elections in one go. It was told that it was in practice till 1977. In such case why it is not possible now. Only a good planning is required. It will save lot of our money and time also.
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    I don't remember exactly the year but it happened once when both state and General election dated at the same time. It is good idea and I welcome it too. If this become a tradition then lots of money and time would be saved in which other important work could be done. Also, the poll time should be dated when there is no schools exams are going on. A poll can be waited but not the future of students those who are in there mind set to prepare for the exams. Authority, should look into all major aspect and the life of normal people before announcing the Poll date.

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