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    All that money can buy: Can happiness be bought?

    They said it and meant it too "Happiness cannot be bought". What do you think?

    I think, sometimes happiness can be bought. As an instance, when I see luxury items of somebody, I get tempted and wondered "If this was mine or that was mine". If I had money (not being hard up), I can visit my favourite shopping mall and buy luxury items, it will give me real happiness. So here I have bought my happiness.

    However, in this gloomy mood of Global economic meltdown and being hard up, I am far from being happy. I do not want to spend money on shopping. I want to save them as much as possible for judicious use later (I'm not a cadger).

    But now the scenario is different. Discuss your opinion for the statement: Are you more educated about spending money? Has recession affected one and all?
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    Happiness is a state of mind and there are many things which generate happiness. Only interesting thing is that most of the times the happiness generated through money or physical achievements is short lived.

    The human nature is very mysterious. The greed and desires have no upper limit. Every time you get a facility the mind yearns for more. There is no limit.

    True happiness comes with controls on desires and observing a disciplined life. A person living within means can be happier than others who are always running in a blind race to earn more and more.

    I remember a story by the Russian author Tolstoy where a person is given a choice to garner as much land as possible in a day just by running and encircling it and returning before sunset. In his greed due to fatigue and exertion he dies while returning.

    So I repeat that happiness is a state of mind and money can not buy it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Money can do many things. For some it gives stature, for some it is necessity to survive. For some it gives the immense satisfaction to have them in wallet and for some money spending is the habit. So all the attitudes do get satisfaction to respective people. But the real value of money can be known to those who it must but wont have in spite of repeated trying and given up. Some have postponed their studies for want of money, some have postponed their marriage plans for want of money and some are yet to settle in their lives for want of money. So these things make money great. One more thing I want to say here that those who have given up challenges in life and cornered are resorting to short cut method to earn money and become rich in short period. That wont work and only bad name and even going against laws means punishment assured.
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    Although the world is becoming more and more materialistic, even today money can't purchase the most valuable things, such as happiness, love and affection, devotion, sacrifice, dependance, guidance, etc. Money also can't purchase fresh air in the morning, sunlight in the winter noon, chirping of birds in the morning, cool breeze during summer night.
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    Happiness is some thing which is related to your mind. I feel happy when I hear a beautiful song by a good singer. I feel happy when I see a good performance by a good artist, I laugh a lot when I here some jokes of real value. For this kind of happiness, you need not spend any money. In the evening you take a walk to the nearest park and have a chat with your friend and you will feel happy. Money brings in happiness may be true to some extent in this materialistic world. But it creates lot of unhappiness also. For the people who are receiving notices from IT Department asking them the whereabouts of the money they have deposited in bank after demonetization announcement, where is the happiness. So it is not real to compare happiness with money. Yes, sometimes we may not be able to have certain aspects in our life due to paucity of funds. But nothing to worry. Be content and it will bring happiness to us.
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    Author is trying to compare two opposite poles. Money may do many things but so many people on this earth are living very happily in their own regime even without knowing the existence of an item like money. Happy is one kind feeling purely attributable to one's mind and conscience which cannot be bought in the form of rupees, dollars or euros.

    Coming to your queries, every responsible citizen would be more educated in spending money though he is an illiterate. I don't think the recession has left its marks in a considerable / significant in our country. Even it was effected, its percentage must be a very minimum.

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    Mere possessing money we cannot have everything unless the luck is cooperating. This happened many times in my case. I used to go to a doctor for getting medicines for my wife.From that doctor's house I have to catch two buses to reach my home. Not only once but many times I planned to have some tiffin at the place of catching the second bus but all the time(though I have money in hand)could not have tiffin as the second bus ready to start when I alight down from the first bus. so, though having money in hand there should be some luck to have the tiffin also. Similarly with mere money we(though we think so)cannot fulfill our requirements. Many rich people we see they,though possess a good volume of wealth, could not eat as they please.

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    Happiness can not be bought.It can be got by doing good deeds.By helping others .By thinking something useful.
    Happiness can be got by serving the society.By developing a hobby.By assisting in the work of family members.By living in peace with others..It can also be got by serving old aged parents.It can be got by forgiving the mistakes of others.By encouraging others.Happiness is the state of mind ,when the mind lives in rest ,we feel happy.Bad acts makes it restless ,which is not good for us

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