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    Why do some people change their names?

    Since my childhood I read newspapers very minutely. Earlier I even used to read matrimonial advertisments, 'lost and found' advertisements and other classified advertisments. I used to find and still find classified advertisments very interesting. Among other classified advertisements, I find advertisments on change of names most interesting and in some cases hilarious.

    I have personally divided these changes of names in various sub-categories. Some people change their names after religious conversion. There is another category. Some ladies change their names after marriage, even within the same religion. This happens mainly in North India. Some people change their names because they don't like the names given by their parents.

    But the most hilarious ones are those who change their names according to numerology or similar 'logies'. In this categorry, I have seen 'Sumana' becomes 'Sumanaa', 'Jaylalitha' becomes 'Jaylalithaa....', 'Rita' becomes 'Reethaa', etc.

    Whenever I see such change of names, I can't stop laughing. I feel ridiculous that people spend their hard-earned money because of such ridiculous belief.

    I would like to know the opinion of other Members in this regard. Do they feel such change of names laughable?
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    I have changed my name as Sun (only for ISC use) to ease the writing of my name. The changes of names Sumana as Sumanaa, and Jayalalitha as Jayalalithaa, Rita as Reetha are perfect with the Tamil pronunciation. Pronouncing na is short N and naa is long N.

    Sincerely writing - I do not laugh at people changing their name.

    In fact, Partha should be written as Parthaa as per Roman Tamil.

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    There are many reasons for change in the name. Some have the believe in astrology and they would change some letters and add letters to the name and thus becomes unusual and acceptable to all. And other reason is that when the name of the would be bride is not good the would be husband suggests new name to her and that becomes legal with ad in the paper. That way many people have changed their name which was either too looking traditional to modern. For example Bhanumathi has become just Bhanu. Arundhathi has become Aruna. Maheshwaran has become Mahesh.
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    Change of names is common. In a country like India, name change is not new to us. We have had seen married spouse whose wife name has to change or add her surname of her husband. Suppose, if the wife's name is MEERA and her husband's name is JOHN DAS then she has to add MEERA DAS making a name change or extension which is a normal one.

    I am not startled or laugh when I come accross these kind of name changd Advertisement Affidavit.

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    What feels ridiculous to some may not be so to those changing their names. Everyone has his belief, may be numerology or astrology. People change their names for legal purposes also.
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    Sometimes there are inadvertent errors in official documents, where the name is either misspelt, or an initial is missing etc. in such instances a name change has to be appended in the gazette mentioning both the incorrect and as well as the correct names. The same has to be published in the newspaper before the changes can be made official.

    The same procedure is followed when people change their name for the reasons cited by you. However, there is nothing funny about anyone wanting to change one's name. It is a personal choice. The name change could be because of customs, religious beliefs or plain belief in numerology.

    It is an interesting observation though. At least some acts by unknown people give you momentary pleasure. As for me, I have neither had the time nor the inclination to go through classified advertisements. I skip the pages that carry these advertisements. However, I don't think I will be amused if I happen to see such advertisements. Everyone has their reasons.

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    I feel amused when people modify their names (adding useless letters) because of their belief in numerology, astrology, etc. How much money do they spend in this meaningless exercise!
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    Many people believe in numerology and astrology. They approach experts in that field and ask them about their future. It is believed that your name should be in line with the star at your time of birth and the date of birth. Basing on this these experts suggest some changes in their names. Accordingly people will act. There is no logic, it is simply your belief. People who are in problems become desperate some time and go to these experts and do change their names as per their advise. I have seen some people whose life has been completely changed by this act. It may be a coincidence but I have seen.

    Another culture in our area is to name our children with the names of our parents. The younger generation may not like those names and they will get it changed.

    In olden days number of children are more. So parents are naming each child with one God's name. But now a days only one child, So parents are adding all names to single child. When they become young they may not be able to keep the full name and hence they are changing their names to shorter farms.

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    Changing name is totally personal and one should respect it. A name is the most important part in one's life this what a identity carried out entire life. If one feel changing her name (whatever way whether numerological or astrological way) bring some success in their life, why not! It has been seen that many a time when someone changes his/her name, it changes their life. It also belong to one's personal believe which should be given a place in their life.

    As above replied has said that because of correction in name also a situation where one need to change their name for official reason. There are chances that in certificate name is wrongly typed, for this one have to change their name. And for official purpose they have to print their changed and old name together in a newspaper. Its a normal procedure.

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    I am always surprised and intrigued when I see people desperate to change their names.

    There may be various justifications for changing a name but I am still baffled to think - is it really required ?

    There are millions of people on this earth who are easily carrying their given name throughout their life without any grudge or annoyance towards it. If you ask or suggest them to change their names they will be surprised and will ask you - why ?

    So whenever someone changes his name I ask myself - was it necessary ?

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    One of the most important reason of changing name is to apply for new or renew passport. In passport office they do not accept affidavit they need advertisement in two newspaper. I had applied for passport renew two weeks ago. When I reached office I came to know that in my old passport my name is Hakimuddin ( not included surname: kuwakhedawala). They told me if you want to add Kuwakhedawala go and give advertisement in two newspaper for changing name from Hakimuddin to Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala and come again. It was very unconvincing for me to go 500 Km again after someday. So I accepted my new passport without surname.
    So, in my opinion a very big reason of changing name is making passport and their policy of issuing passport.

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