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    Suggestion to ISC admin to introduce speech by senior members.

    A beautiful thought came just now. Why not ISC introduce the speech or address by the senior level members(Diamond and Platinum). Diamond members should record a 5 minute speech about ISC and upload it in the profile page of the member. As of now, the audio cannot be uploaded, ISC Web Masters should design a system for the diamond level/Platinum level members to upload their speech. This will facilitate other members to know the sweet voice of the members.

    Is it possible?
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    The suggestion is good and can be implemented through Youtube. In fact any member who is well versed and convinced with ISC can record his video and upload the same in Youtube and the link can be embedded to the respective profile page of ISC member. And thus instead of knowing the progress and achievement of members in writing, we can just hear him saying what. That way the original member image can also be seen and made known to the ISC members. As of now many members are concealing their real name and looks and this idea will facilitate to see the real member.
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    Yes I am also agree with Mr. Sun. This can be implemented. I will also suggest to upload video also by senior members. Mp3 and Mp4 files can be uploaded easily. It would also be helpful to understand the members. Sometimes misunderstanding leads to big problems but this feature will certainly reduce the misunderstanding as the tones of voice will say everything. We can express our feeling easily at the time of misunderstanding.
    So, It is a great idea of Mr. Sun and I will support to implement it.

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    Very good suggestion Mr. Sun. But it should not be for quality of the voice whether it is sweet or sour. Since the speech is suggested from the Diamond or Platinum member, their speech can definitely be inspired and motivated one to all ISCians. Everyone could learn something new from everyone as almost of all have got their own skill / talent which can be of use for self and in turn to others.

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    To start with, It should be Mr. Tony John, Mr. Jose Mathew, Mr. Timmy M John, Ms Vandana ME, followed by all the Lead editors and Editors. Thereafter, it should be from the Platinum members and diamond members. Let their encouraging speech give us energy and strength to contribute our best.

    We would like to hear the impressive speech from our Web Master Tony John here or through youtube. Anticipating the day to hear the voices of our fellow ISCians.

    Has this thread been read and noted by WM TonyJohn? I hope so.

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    Sun, your idea is good but what can be said in the speech, can be done by writing too. So, it won't create a big differences but only if someone so curious to hear the voice. However, a suggestion is suggestion let us see how your this thread work on for future.

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    There is a vast difference between reading a story from a book and viewing the same story through a film. Same is the case here. Despite any good writing, if it is presented to us through audio or video, it would have special attraction. The voice of the member would linger in our heart forever.

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