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    Does more walking or going up by using stair case leads to increase in our memory ?

    I was just watching a news video in Telugu channel which states that those who have the habit of walking daily and only use the stair case to reach their floors in apartments or offices have good memory power than those who does not walk or use lift for reaching their desired floors. This is really a finding which needs to be discussed at ISC too. How can the walking be connected to the brain and our memory. Walking may keep us fit health wise but in what way it may help in increasing the memory ? Members can join the discussion,
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    No idea about the stair case but sure we all know that walking benefits. By the way, we believe that in tribal times our ancestors walk bare-foot to gain pristine and to let go of the old. We also believe that, people took time at the turn of each season to realease the old and celebrate the new. The process prevents old issues and illnesses from building up over time. They refuse to do stress, eat organic food, drink more, fill in the gaps, laugh more etc.

    However, regular work and stair case are contradictory to the same. Don't you think so? I agree that walking or moderate amount of exercise keep everything in the body movin and movement equal life. But, I don't think use of stair case and walks improves your memory. It does improves think out of box knowledge if we walk, jump, and laugh. Questions like: Bay of Bengal is in which state? Liquid. What looks like half Apple? The other half.

    I also learned memory booster eatables and vegetables like Spinach, Salmon, Walnut etc. But, it's weired and vague to agree with stair case exersice. I agree that as long as our body moves it is counted as an exercise and there is no connection with brain memory.

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    Exercise brings in freshness to our body. Exercise is nothing but moment of body parts physically. Walking and climbing up the stairs are also a part of exercise. Once you take a walk you will feel freshness. When you feel fresh your mind and brain works better. That may be the reason it was told that your memory power increase.

    We all feel that exercise is good for maintaining our body but it is good for your mind also to keep fresh. Another observation is when we go for a walk our inner mind will be working on some issues which require a solution. Without any other aspect in your mind, if your inner mind is working on some issue, we can find out a solution to that problem. May be this is taken as example and inferred that memory power will increase.

    As far as I know walking is a good exercise and same is the case with climbing of stairs.

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    Some time back I had read about the Canadian research study done on this, that the physical activity of climbing stairs aids in better mental health. You can see it here:

    Orthopaedic specialists, though, advise people with knee pain not to climb up stairs and to avoid it wherever possible as it puts further pressure, but they can climb down the stairs.

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    I don't know if it is true, if yes then how? Did you get any explanation? I do walk daily and comes up and down up to third floor in my building. I have not experience as if I am gaining anything of what you had said. Yes, this is a kind of exercise one do it daily apart from that its nothing. If one take your word and an old people comes up and down regularly by stairs, one can easily understand what they will get, instead of sharping their memory will get affected by knee pain.

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