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    Why no Adsense welcome bonus for new members?

    I have some queries related to IndiaStudyChannel Adsense earning. In the help topic page it's not confirmed or clarified the estimated earnings of revenue shares through ISC. Except the details on how to join Adsense through ISC, Revenue shares for 365 days from the date of posting contents be it in Resource section, AE, Jobs, Forum and etc, there are no information about how one can earn an estimated amount considering the traffic.

    I associated my Adsense account with ISC but I didn't recieve any welcome bonus. Is that the reason because I linked my existing Adsense account (pre-approved by Google back in 2015).

    Can you throw a glint to my doubt?
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    John Deo,

    I will request the Webmasters to confirm about the AdSense bonus as mentioned at the Help Topic page, whether or not this is currently offered.

    With regard to how you can earn, there are some articles & threads in the forum and the Ask Expert section on how to get traffic, making good use of keywords, SEO techniques, etc. Please use the search box and explore.

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    1. The AdSense welcome bonus was for members who make their account through ISC.
    2. The program in any case was scrapped long back. See Tony's reply here:

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    @ME, Thanks for the reference URL. I have had gone through all these topics. I had raised this thread because just recently I have seen some members who have recieved Adsense welcome bonus of 100 Rupees.

    In the help topic, it is clearly written that member join Adsense program using ISC affiliate link. If accounts get approved then ISC benefits 400 Rupees which is given back to members in cash credits.

    Regarding my contribution and Adsense earning, Google has approved my application and the status is showing approved in my "Manage Adsense Account page". However the IndiaStudyChannel status is still pending but the ads are serving and earnings are reflecting in my Adsense account. So far, I have estimated earnings of $2.33 with 1000+ views and 20+ Cost Per Click(CPC) and (-22%) this month. The ISC earnings are $00.012 to $00.4 cents today, yesterday and this month. Why Adsense Earnings is showing $0.00?

    Note, I have verified ISC's website today after login to my Adsense account> My Sites> Verified.

    ISC status is still pending.

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