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    Should energy be measured in terms of money?

    I am not talking about the billing processes or such type of thing. I want here to talk about our understanding. We take energy(mainly electricity) as some amount of money and that's why suggest not to waste it. But wouldn't it mean the rich can waste more energy and the poor can waste less? What I think personally is energy is invaluable. So energy should be taken as the ability to work, not as amount of money.
    What do you think? Do our understandings need some change?
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    Environment, water, air etc;, are natural resources. Energy is produced by a man but is also a natural resource, I call it, like other resources. Like is cooking gas also. There is no reason to waste these resources. A rich man may be having lot of money. But he has no right to waste these resources. While we walk on a road, if we see a Rs.10/- note, we will take it. Same is the case with material also. Nobody is having right to waste it. Make them the best use. But never waste them. This should be the concept. You waste the money if you have excess but not natural resources. This should be the concept.

    I read some where. Mr. Ratan tata and some of his friends went to a restaurant in France and ordered for lot of food. Half of the food was left out and got wasted. One old man of that country came near these people and asked them why they have wasted that much food. One of them replied that they have paid for it. The old man said you may be able to pay money but you don't behave right to waste our resources. Mr.Tata him self mentioned this.

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    Nobody has any right to waste any natural resources like water, power, petroleum, greenery, etc. The present generation is fully aware about the availability of these resources but never bother to save them. Many a times we must have read, a unit of power saved is unit of power produced. It is applicable to all resources. One should have a commonsense on these resources while utilising them. Of course, the governments are providing these amenities with having monetary value but as author opined these resources cannot be measured with money.

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    Yes sir, that's why I raised the issue. Measurements of energy in our conscience should be taken invaluably not with some amount of money. Resources are limited to us. Thus our understandings need the change. Some of us are really aware of these facts and try to conserve it in the best way possible but some just don't care. Those who don't care should change their thinking.

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    Energy, with reference to the context it has been referred to in the thread, is of course being measured in terms of money, but it is the result of an erroneous perception of the people (including us) who pay for it. You don't switch off the lights or other electrical appliances at home when not required, you keep your vehicles on when you have to do a quick shopping or has parked for attending a call, you don't care to repair the leaks in your taps; all because you think that you have a right to do so since you are paying for it. The money you pay from your pocket makes you measure the loss of energy in terms of money.

    But, we need to think in a wider perspective. All the suggestions and calls for conserving energy is an outcome of a frantic realization that we may not be able to replenish the same and in the long run (may not be that long as we expect) the world may run short or even may have to do without these facilities. It is a fact that people use these energies as per their financial capacity but the point to be noted and to be kept in mind is that though we are paying for the resources we use, let us please realize that we need to conserve and preserve the same for ourselves and for the future generation as well. So, let us heed to the suggestions and give it a serious thought and refrain from wasting energy!

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    Not just in energy, waste is waste in everything. Even if the wastage is very less in individual case, when it is resorted to by thousand s or millions that becomes a colossal amount at national or international level. Very easily we waste tail end soap pieces, last little quantum of toothpaste, sauce, jam etc. Wastage of food in hotels and dinner parties are very common. Wastage of water is another matter and has attained world wide attention now.

    I know an interesting case of (not) wasting alcohol drinks in a big hotel. I was told by one staff from there that many rich clients buy full bottles of liquors but use only a part and leave the balance as it is on the table. The waiters or serving staff collect and pool all such left over liquor and either they share it themselves or oblige their friends and other needy acquaintance. May be some may be making some extra money by this also.

    I consider wasting as a crime to the society, nation and the Universe and I had initiated a forum thread "Do we have a right to waste even if we can afford to?" about two years ago.

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    I think people have become more understanding now compare to earlier. We understand the value of electricity and thus we try to control as much as possible. I often seen people are not wasting totally regardless of poor or rich. Often I have seen and I do myself when coming out of the train compartment, people are shutting off the fans button. If we save electricity it not only save our money but the saving energy can work as a backup of stock. Though, there are people in our society who doesn't bother about it, hope today or tomorrow they too will understand of its value. Till then we should hope for the best and try to from our side as much as possible.

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