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    Which are the best social media apps currently?

    Do you have a favourite social media app? Share your favourite one and explain why you think it is the best.

    We all are having an account on social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Hike, Twitter, etc. and may be active regularly for communicating with our friends. On the basis of features, which social media app among all of them is best?

    According to me, Instagram is the best & I like it the most because its best feature is that we cannot save any image posted in Instagram so girls can post their own profile picture without any fear. In other apps, when we click and hold on any image we get an option of view image and save image.

    For you, which social media app is best and why?
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    Some years back we had this same query in our Ask Expert section, but it did not get a good feedback. So members can discuss in this thread their favourite social media apps & why they like it. Name only one app in your response and briefly state its features which make you consider it as the best.
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    I think Quora is the best social media app. That is because its main theme is questions and answers, you can post any type of query related to any subjects either it be Technology, Science, Art, Commerce, Agriculture, Life etc. or anything else and you get answers in detail by the subject experts. If you know any answers, you can answer too. Recently, there are asked many interesting questions that has helped in gaining my knowledge. ISC too provides the same feature but it's not social media app. And network of Quora is very vast. That's why I love Quora.

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    I rate Whatsapp as the best social media. One can have different groups with different people. One group with family members, one group with relatives and one group with friends. Like this we can have different groups and share the content related to that group only. We need not share to all. It is very selective. You can send personal messages also to individuals. It is very good for mass communication. Very safe and secure. No chance for hacking. I feel this is the best social media for sharing any type of of information. You can share documents also.
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    Though there are many social media apps are available, Whatsapp is the one and only app reached and received by many people all around the country. Facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin are certain apps which are yet to reach the common public. I saw many people purchasing a smartphone just to be in whatsapp.

    So in my view, keeping away the deep security features and threats, whatsapp is a best app.

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    In my opinion Whatsapp is the best best social media app. You can always get connect with your family and friends. You can chat by using this app. You can send media files like pics, video, music (mp3) files etc through this app. You can also send or share pdf file now by using whatsapp. voice call is also available here. Now there is a new features video call in the whatsapp. So you can connect with your family and friends any time and from any where. You can also see who has seen your messages and read your messages.
    So, It is the best social app.

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    I think in the given circumstances Whatsapp has become more famous for various reasons and its popularity has been growing leap and bounds for the very reason that we share messages, chats, videos and audios. What is more interesting is that audios can be made with very personal messages and that will turn even the stubborn person other side to mend the ways. I have seen the wife who has gone to her mothers place with a rift with husband has come running to her husband with a lovely voice message from him and thus it proved the importance of whats app which is personal too and useful. Moreover every user has the profile in whatsapp and the way the ladies are changing their status daily and getting likes is something cheering for them. And business man are using whatsapp to their advantage.
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    I have my facebook account but not regular into that. Earlier, I had liking of Yahoo messenger app but now it become too old and no more using it. I am not in instagram nor in any social media. If at all I like any app, it is Whatsapp because it is very good to keep in touch with our friends and family and also good for my business purpose. I am using it fullest, with those people who are not using e-mail, is the best way to have conversation with them in Whatsapp. You can easily send the images, videos and the voice call if at all needed with this app. Apart from that you can make a call too. Today, whatsapp is like a boon for those people who are in business line. The work which took 2-3 days are getting finish in few minutes. People can easily see the product which they wants to buy, and sometime deals are done just seeing the images. So, as far now my favourite app is Whatsapp it really makes my work easier.

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    According to me all apps have drawback's so posting our own picture is always on the risky side. To be always on the safer side we should never disclose all our personal matters in social media. As technology has developed people have also learnt lot of hacking these apps. So all apps are better to share only our basic notes not to share everything that happens in our daily life.

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