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    Mix and match - best accessories for daily wear

    When we attend a function such as a marriage or a birthday party, we will dress up in our best finery, with not just matching jewellery but also likely footwear and handbags to match. What about day to day wear? Do you bother to ensure, for example, that you are wearing matching earrings or that the colour of the band in your pony tail matches or what you slip on your feet coordinates with your clothes? College going teens are generally very much into this, as are many working ladies. Even just to step out of the home to go to a nearby market, there may be a penchant to ensure nothing is out of sync.

    Or do you go for a general mix and not an exact match? Or is it that you simply grab something and don't really bother at all?

    We'd like to hear from the gents too! Do you accessorize your clothes with a perfectly matching tie (if this is mandatory at your work place), belt and shoes? Do you also tuck in a handkerchief which matches your shirt? Do you mix or match too when going shopping with your spouse or for a film at a theatre with your family?

    Let's have a fun analysis!
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    Very interesting, funny and unique thread from the author.

    I don't think gents would be more particular as of ladies in mix and match issues in their daily life unless it is so particular to do so. But ladies would do even it is not so particular.

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    I am a very simple gentleman interested in wearing pant & shirt. I don't like to tie a necktie, and I have only two neckties, one is black and the other is white and blue cross lines. They are resting peacefully in my suit case. I generally like to wear black pant which will match with shirts of any colour. I have two pairs of shoes, one black and one brown. However, I prefer to wear only backstrap foot wears. I avoid wearing a banian inside as I feel uncomfortable. When I visit temples, I wear a white dhoti with a white shirt only. While driving, I prefer to wear a colour T shirt. I prefer only shirts with light shades. Also, I like to wear full hand shirts as half hand shirts expose my thin body. Due to diabetics, I lost my weight and shape. My pants are loose by three inches. My shirts have become too loose that hangs and gives an awkward look. Generally, I tuck-in my shirt. And I wear a brown belt that suits for all. I have too many pants and shirts that doesn't fit me well. I am trying to increase my weight and improve my size for the sake of my pants and shirts lying in my cubboard neatly washed and ironed. I have no matching colour kerchieves. I have only white kerchieves for all occassions . I don't wear sun glasses. I wear a wrist watch. I have a golden ring on my right hand ring finger. With all this, my dark wife says "Sun, You are very handsome. God did not make a mistake. We are made for each other."
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    Well in my home I have wife and daughter. I never seen them preferring mix and match for the daily use clothes or accessories at home. In fact my daughter dresses up so simple and use to chide her to look good. She says let there be any festivity and function and she would definitely dress well. Keeping that promise she goes for half saree during festivals and that looks good with all kinds of mix and match. My wife too looks simple at house. But when leaving for school she do dress well. She has the habit of keeping all the matching accessories in one bunch so that she need not look out for right match. That way they look pretty while going out. And for gents like me and my son, we wont bother about mix and match. But my daughter insists good selection of pant with shirt for my son and also suggests for me. That is good advise some times.
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    Certain things I keep in mind like my dress should be ironed. I take care lot about my belt and shoes which should match. I use only black shoes so my belt is always a black. Also, I keep in mind that the shirt I am wearing should look properly with my trouser. I make sure, I am clean saved everyday before going to work. Apart from that I am a man, I don't bother much about how my face looks.

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    Dressing well or not is basically a personal trait and varies greatly from person to person. There are people who even dress up before answering a door bell. On the other hand there are people who wear casuals even for parties and social functions.

    Personally speaking I like to go to parties and functions as dressed up like a gentleman - wearing the normal trousers and shirt without much bothering for a matching belt, handkerchief or tie. Shoes should not be untidy and dirty.

    In friendly picnics or outings I usually prefer sturdy dresses like jeans and T-shirt accompanied by walking shoes or even sandals.

    Knowledge is power.

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    None in our family bother much about the mix and match. My wife buys a somewhat matching colour blouse for her sarees. That is all about the mix and match in our home. We are mostly simple and normal. in dressing . We are more concerned about the dress being clean and hygienic.

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    In my house my wife and two daughters in law stay. They generally search for matching blouse and wear accordingly. They don't bother about matching bangles, earrings, footwear etc. They concentrate on dress matching only. Basing on the function they attend they decide on the design or variety of saree. They concentrate more on the cleanliness and appearance of the dress.
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