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    Socrates was not a believer of democracy.

    I was going through some philosophical notes and I got to know that Socrates hated democracy. At first I was stunned to know as a fact thag one of the great philosphers criticise the democracy but when I tried to learn about the reason then I felt that the philospher was not all wrong. He believed that voting right should not be open to anyone but a few intellectuals. What he thought was that the masses could easily be under the influence of some rhetorical speech or instantaneous propaganda without having far sightedness. The intellectual with all their intellect could take the decision effectively to have the eminent leader of the nation. Though I am a firm believer of democracy as it gets to evolve from time to time and doesn't remain stagnant like monarchy but yet he has established a valid point.
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    For the firs time I am also coming to know that Socrates was non believer of democracy. May be he was saying right. Look at the poll campaign pattern of any party. They are targeting the mass ,en-mass in the slum areas. They throw money and liquor and in return seek votes. The slum dwellers are not educated nor they are interested in the development of the country. All they want some cash and liquor to enjoy the days during elections which they get immense and show their allegiance to the party. By the way have a look at any elections in Tamil Nadu . The free doles being announced during every poll has made the mockery of democracy. That means parties does not want the wise people to judge them and seek vote. The want illiterates to support and thus what ever they do during power wont be questioned by any one. So Socrates has won.
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    The percentage votes of intellectuals is very less when compared to the votes of illiterates. Many of the voters don't understand the value of their vote. They go as per the decision taken by their so called leader. He decides about the vote of all his area voters. In return he gets lot of money from the parties. Ultimately the undeserved may be getting elected. It is wise to have education also as a criteria for voting right. But in Democracy that demarcation is not there. Hence the great Philosophical personality Socrates is not in favor of democracy. We should appreciate him for this.
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