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    When teacher asks question to a student, have you volunteered to answer on your own ?

    In a class room normally the teacher makes her session live with inclusive participation of students and she would want to ensure every student understand her teaching and has no doubts. So to ensure that she would pose questions to some students targeting to get a apt reply. This exercise not only proves her ability to teach well and also the attentiveness of the students. But sometimes the teacher asks a question to one student and other one volunteer to answer. Is that good idea. Or it is the taking away the right of that student away ? Discuss.
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    Students by nature are over-reactive. When they know the answer for a particular question asked by the teacher, they become too excited and want to answer it by raising their hands and the over-enthusiastic ones getting up from their seats with the raised hands. And few others with raised hands, getting up from their seats and keep saying 'mam', 'mam'. I think this is common in a classroom teaching.

    I don't think this a grabbing opportunity or taking away the right of the other student but it is the childish nature of the students. That's what makes the classroom lively and active. In a classroom where students sit silently / quietly without any reaction and waiting for their chance, in fact is not an active classroom. An active classroom with the active participation of children / students, arouses interest in the subject among the children. Otherwise, the classroom appears to be dull.

    When a particular student is asked a question and when he / she is not able to answer it rightly, then there is nothing wrong when another student proactively answers the question. This helps the other student who couldn't answer the question, to learn / know the answer as he / she keenly listens to the answer, answered by the other student.

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    When students volunteer to answer questions it is an indication that the teacher did a good job. Students are enthusiastic, bubbling with energy. There is nothing really wrong with someone trying to answer a question, asked of another. A teacher should be concerned if the one who was asked the question fails to answer it. It shows a failure on the teacher's part.

    I am sharing here my experiecne of being a teacher. When I faced a class, I could tell if I had my students attention. I could tell if my methods of teaching were working or not. I could tell if all students could understand what was being taught. Teachers should be able to read every expresion on the sea of faces in fornt of them.

    I never selected individual students to answer questions. The students always raised their hands when a question was asked. If the number of hands that went up were few it was an indication that I had perhaps failed in delivering the lesson effectively. I would redo that chapter, making it as interesting as possible.

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    In a classroom different types of students will be there. Some may be overactive, some are active, some are very docile and some are very hard. Teacher has to see that all of them are able to follow him/her. So in such situations, as the teacher is very familiar with students, she/he may ask a question specifically to a student. In such cases even though the other students raise their hands also, the teacher gives the chance to the selected student only. So there is no harm to show the inquisitiveness by students. Students feel very happy if the teacher praises them in presence of other students. So they will have the quality of show off. It is a good indication of the ability of the student. It also shows the capacity of the teacher also.
    As a student I always wanted to answer the questions put forward by teacher in the classroom.

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    I was always a back bench student, mischievous yet very studious. I was the topper of my class but I don't know why I never volunteered to answer if my teacher asked someone else and they don't know the answer. Instead I used to try to help my classmates to recollect the answer secretly. If teacher doesn't point at one particular student I used to answer immediately if I know it. This is part of healthy competition. We used to fight for first rank and study very hardly competing with our best friends but once exams are over, competition is over and we are the mischievous gang again. Our headmistress used to scold us like anything for our mischief.
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    On some rare occasions I used to volunteer to reply questions aske by our teachers. However, unfortunately, the teachers never used to ask me those particular questions. Instead they always asked me such questions which I couldn't answer. What could I do? I would opt for the next best option, i.e., reading detective/mystery novels while teachers went on lecturing.
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