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    When you are free, will you run your mind to think differently to explore something?

    Normally some time in a day we will be totally free with nothing particular to do. Sometimes the whole family would have gone to a function and you are alone at home. Surely that free time can be used for better purpose. Normally we won't think much when others are not at home or we will confine ourselves to television or chatting on phone. But free time can be made to creative use because there would be no disturbance and total tranquility. Do you need such a situation or you are well versed to think differently even in normal mode amidst other's presence?
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    I am imaginative person, my mind can work differently any time, I don't need a free time for it. However, if at home I get such free time, I try to get some rest. Either I watch TV or take little nap, or keep laying on bed playing games. Sometimes, when I travel, I keep thinking differently and if something interesting comes in my mind, I note it on my mobile and work on it later. I love to spent my times with my close friends too, so If I am free and doing anything, I call my friends and meet at our regular place to have some tea or coffee and time pass with them.

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    It is very true that when we are in between the family members or friends we are sharing the time with them and it is not difficult but unusual that we detach from them and do some work in our mind or physically in a corner of the room where all are present.

    So getting free time when no one is there even to only watch you is an opportunity to pursue a hobby or complete a task which we do not want to share even with close friends.

    So basically it depends on the individual whether he wants to utilize this time for some serious work or again goes out in search of some company for gossiping.

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    I am a man who always thinking about something or other. When I eat, when I walk, when I talk always , I will be thinking about something or other. Even all my family members are with me also, my brain will be working on something or other. I don't know whether it is good or not. Only when I do an interesting work, I concentrate more on that work. In this excessive thought process I may be doing lots of mistakes or I may be losing time, but I can't stop. Even if I get up from the bed for a while also, my mind start thinking. So to keep the thinking under control I read epics like mahabharata, Ramayan etc which are published in prose.
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    Yes ,when I am free I explore to know the truths about life.I start to think everyone know they have to die one day ,but they show as ,they are immortal on this world.Some young people laugh at old aged people,and disabled ones.Why are they very far from this truth?Why do we not think about the truths of lives. Why are so much corruptions ?The results are known ,but some people ignore these.
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