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    Do you advise prohibition.

    Earlier days consuming alcoholic beverages is treated as a sin. The drinkers were being treated differently. Government is also against drinking. But as the evolution of Modern India is going on it has become a fashion to have drink. All big bosses maintain mini bars in their houses. They encourage their people to take drink. If somebody says that he will not drink, he will be treated differently.

    Government in the process of getting money encouraging the people to go for drinking.

    Many of the poor families are getting ruined because of this habit. Generally the daily wagers waste their whole day earnings in the evening in a wine shop. He never bothers about his family. The wife in the house has to maintain the whole family with her earnings.

    Do you think the policy of Government is correct?
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    Author has neatly projected the disadvantages of the alcohol particularly in the financially weaker section people. Very nice one. And the author is asking us whether the policy of the government is correct. But which policy is not understood. If he is focusing on his second para, Government has not made any policies to encourage people to consume alcohol. It is the duty of the government to provide all kinds of amenities to all section of people. It is we, the people in the society are being encouraged ourselves and getting ruined.

    Yes, as author said it has become a tradition and part of culture in the section of high earning society. The people who are no-takers are being treated differently, but it should not be as the alcohol consumer also may not take alcohol for particular day on which it is offered. So treatment of differentiation is not good.

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    Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health. The author has rightly said that a daily wage earner toils at day time from dusk to dawn and at evening the spend all the hard earned monies at wine shop. The Goverment must take proper actions to the wayward drunkard people to give others a good example.

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    No, I am strongly against prohibition. No Government can force anything to adult citizens. Moreover, the loss of Govt. exchequer (in case of prohibition) would be colossal. The social movement against alcoholism is much better and sensible.
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    We know, the government knows the ill effect of consuming alcohol and still there is no total prohibition across the country because liquor business is the money earning medium to the government. This summer the sale of liquor has been increased and many states are minting profit as taxes. In this circumstances even we recommend the ban for liquor , none is is going to listen. If the liquor has to be banned and total prohibition has to be implemented then the government has to impose the lost revenue as taxes in other ways. There fore it is not possible of any government to take this drastic step in unison.
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    Do you think the policy of Government is correct? answer for your question is not. Government for the sake of earning revenue allowed the selling the liquers which can not be justifies. But if state govt. goes for prohibition there is a need to develop alternate source of revenue generation. If not complete ban allow them only who require and afford it.
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    I support prohibition. And why not? Why should a government not decide what is good for its citizens? Governments are already imposing it on adult citizens. I think if prohibition is enforced pan -India it will be a very brave move by those in power. It will help eradicate many of the social evils that plague our society. `

    There are other ways of filling the government treasury. Higher taxes on everything else. As good citizens, we should be willing to pay more taxes to help shape the country. As citizens, we must support what is good for the nation. If we begin opposing every action by governments (state and centre) we will not progress.

    In any case, prohibition will only affect those who drink. Why should all the others have to tolerate something that is considered a social evil? Drinking is against the very tenet of our culture. We should all unite in alleviating this evil, very western culture, from the country.

    I have already signed online petitions (for what they are worth) in support of prohibition. I hope it is implemented across the board, and not just in selective pockets.

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    Dr. N.V. Srinivasa Rao, you have generated a very good thread. In my opinion policy of government is not correct. Everyone knows that drinking alcohol is a bad habit and anti social activity, then how can we justify it. It is not correct to get revenue you divert the people in to wrong direction. It is a duty of government to make a healthy society but due to this type of policies how can we be able to make a healthy society.
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    No, I am not going to support prohibition and why should it be? This is not something has come recently, drinking culture is too old. Then also people use to drink now also, what's there in it? People are not kid that one need to make them understand about its bad affect. Its totally personal if one want to drink or not. Yes, one can't deny its bad affect but again one need to be discipline and controlled. Not all drunker go and do uncivilized work and those who do, it is not the influence of the drink but its their nature which can't be removed even if we prohibit the alcohol from our society. If one want to create a good society first should remove the bad thinking which they are having in their mind. If one is clear from mind, no alcohol can create bad impression in their mind.

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