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    143 - A special number always

    My dear members, I am very glad to share my personal feeling of 143 with this wonderful platform, ISC. Of course, I know, most of the valuable members have already experienced this feeling in this platform. Don't think otherwise my dear members, today only I could reach to this number /rank as a member in this channel. In a span of two and half months association with ISC, I could experience the feeling.

    This is my best member rank in this platform so far. Just I wanted to share my feeling with my co-members.
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    Hearty congratulations Sir for achieving the feat. I wish you all the very best for the upcoming feats you will achieve.

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    Congratulations GeeKay! I join you in your moment of happiness! Please note that the member rank keeps changing every week and is totally dependent on the contributions you make during a particular week. Your ranking will surely climb higher but you, if I may suggest so, need to be more active. I am glad to see you back in action after a short lull! All the best!
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    Thank you very much Mr. Saji Ganesh for your suggestion and hope I will climb high. Yeah, I understood through the guidelines that the rank varies depends on the contribution in the week and now with your word it is confirmed. I was a bit back in the last month due to personal pre-occupations.

    @Mr. Lovish Raheja, Thank you very much for your wishes.

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    Yes the number 143 is very dear to every one and we cherish that number with lots of belonging and great to note that you have reached 143 rank at this site. Another mile stone of becoming a gold member is on the cards with just short of 26 points which you can finish today itself so that even gold level can be cherished with fame. But I must appreciate you for this great progress because not all the new members could get motivated and stay ahead than others who joined before them or afterwards. So this tempo and progress must be maintained all along so that you can achieve the diamond and then platinum level.
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    Accept my hearty Congrats Mr. GeeKay. That's a very good remark. Member's rank are updated every week. Like you, I'm also very keen to see the changes of my rank on every Sunday.

    That's a good approach and you are gradually making a progress.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    It is little bit astonishing for me! My rank has remained the same for the last one month or so! So, I thought that this ranking has not been updated, but now I have understood thatit is being updated regularly.

    Coming to the main issue, I would like to congratulate you and hope that with your consistent performance, you will join the club of top 100 Members very soon.

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    Congrats for achieving your desired number 143. I do not know the speciality of the number 143. You can explain it in detail for the sake of members like me to understand the phenomena of 143 which you call it special.

    I take this opportunity to express my unhappiness over my rank 13 which is considered as an unlucky number on this earth. I could reach upto 10, but could not climb up to see the Nine of mine. Nine is a favourite number for Sun. There are Nine major planets on this universe lead by Sun.

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    Mr. Sun: Please don't bother about any particular number. It is nothing but superstition. By the way, 143 is also a multiple of 13 (143=13x11). So, there is nothing to be bothered. We must try to improve our position, that's all.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Mr.Geekay, Congratulations. I hope you will be going for a still better rank in near future.

    As far as I Know 143 is used as a numerical from of I (1) Love (4) You (3). Now Mr. Geekay is conveying his love to ISC by achieving this rank. If any other meaning is there members can explain.

    Presently my rank is 66. My lucky number is 3. (66, 6+6= 12, 1+2=3). So I feel happy for this.

    always confident

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    GeeKay, I would like to recall my experience in ISC. When I had join, my ranking was in 3000 plus. Then I use to surprise as how come someone have ranking like 10 or 5. But, slowly I understand how it function, the more you contribute, your ranking will change accordingly. Now, you are at 143 ranking, it may change to next week as per your contribution to this site. If you contribute more, your ranking will go up, if not you may get lower ranking. So, please keep contributing for your better ranking.

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