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    Had you ever heard this slogan say No to Lamination and yes to plastic cards!

    As today I was walking along streets and observe a sign board beneath the sign board there is slogan written say 'no to Lamination and yes to plastic cards'.What is the reason behind for raising this slogan can any one have Idea.We all heard say no to plastic carry bags and yes to jute bags because plastic carry bags are hard to dispose of.Had you ever heard this slogan say No to Lamination and yes to plastic cards.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Frankly speaking for the first time I am coming across the slogan called No to lamination and yes to plastic cards. Here what I understand that lamination is done through thin plastic papers which are now banned by the government. Why because when we throw out plastic in garbage, the animals especially the cows and other animals may eat them and get chocked. While yes to plastic card means, it is made of hard substance and even it is broken into two, it can be shredded and no evil effect there after. May be with this back ground of knowledge and usage, the slogan might have coined and implemented.
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    Lamination is nothing but wrapping of an item with a thin sheet of plastic. It is not permanent. Lamination will get peeled of after some time. Then we will through the lamination out and get the item again laminated.Using very thin plastic is banned. This is the reason for saying no to lamination.

    If the cards are made of thick plastic no lamination is required and it will not perish easily. The longevity will be more. The disposal is easy . This plastic can be reprocessed. But it is better to have metallic sheet cards for PAN, Adhaar, credit, debit. driving licence etc.

    Nowadays plastic playing cards are preferred rather than ordinary playing cards.

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    I have not come across any such slogan before reading it in this thread. I don't understand how it is beneficial, but I guess, plastic cards are more durable and can withstand even when they get in touch with water, say in rainy season, while laminated papers always haunt us that water may find a way to reach and ruin the paper. This is not an expert opinion. But all that I can guess for now.

    Another reason might be that this slogan was published by a company or business that make plastic cards from the laminated ID cards. You must have encountered it in the case of Aadhar Cards. Earlier, we were given only a thick paper on which aadhar card format and details are printed. But later on, we were also given the option to make plastic Aadhar cards as they are way more durable.

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    No, I haven't heard such slogan! What is the problem with lamination? I feel it is a very significant but simple technique to preserve very old documents. For example, I have got my father's Matriculation certificate of 1948 laminated and preserved it.
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