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    Delhi MCD election: Exit poll predicts landslide victory for BJP

    Today MCD election was held in the MCD areas of Delhi. The Members of ISC perhaps know that MCD has been divided in three zones, North, East and South. The election of three zones was held today. Due to extreme hot climatic condition, the polling percentage was not very high. Only 54% voters voted for 270 wards in total. Election has been postponed in 2 wards.

    India Today-Axis Group conducted an Exit poll. As anticipated by all parties, BJP is heading for a landslide victory. Out of 270 wards, BJP is going to win 202-215 wars. AAP and Congress are fighting neck-to-neck for the distant second position. Both the parties' tally is not going to cross 30 wards.

    Predictably the leaders of AAP have started blaming EVMs for their coming debacle. On the other hand, Congress leaders are saying that the voters are influenced by the personality of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and have voted for BJP (as if it is a blunder on the part of voters to be influenced by the personality of leaders).

    Is Delhi going to be AAP-mukt in the near future?
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    Delhi people thought that Old is Gold. Arvind Kejriwal has not done anything to Delhites as promised. He started enjoying his power and position. People started realizing the Kejriwal before and after. BJP is better than AAP is the latest thought of Delhi public.
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    I think the exit polls and the expectations of outcome from Delhi MCD polls are on expected lines. Ever since Kejriwal has become a National leader and started thinking of forming government by participating in various elections to various states, his interest on Delhi has been reduced to zero and neglected. Furious over his in action on many local issues, the voters might have given the required punch on the face of AAP this time. The Delhi CM may have eye on other states to spread his tentacle but not at the cost of neglecting the need of Delhi citizens. For that wrong thing he would be punished and that would be a big lesson. And If BJP wins the MCD elections, it is again the big victory as it can always eye for future election to Delhi assembly and the win is for sure. One more time AAP would be booted out..
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    Even the exit poll result may become true I am in the opinion if one party wins everywhere it may lead to a situation where no one will be there to ask the autocratic dictotorial governance given by democratically won single party. It is quite natural when one party winning all over the country one by one poll people in large masses are attracted to such party even though they have in a good party's governance. The author criticizing opposition are thinking personality of Mr.Modi may not influence but the reality is most of the candidates in the general and present elections in BJP are winning because of the personal image of Mr. Modi only like Ms. Indira Gandhi in the past. Is it not true?

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    Mr. Kambhampati: My question was not that. Is it a blunder on the part of the voters to be influenced by the personality, policy and implementation of the top leaders of a party? Weren't voters of local elections not influenced by Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi or Atal Vihari Vajpai, earlier?
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    "India Today-Axis Group conducted an Exit poll. As anticipated by all parties, BJP is heading for a landslide victory. Out of 270 wards, BJP is going to win 202-215 wars." The statement looks very correct. BJP is going to win MCD election. Party Kejriwal is not good. people of delhi has come to know.
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    There is nothing wrong in getting influenced by personality of the top leaders. The policy and implementation of the same is a positive point for the party in the eyes of voter. What are the promises one is making during the pre election campaigns and how they are implementing same will definitely influence the voter.

    In Delhi elections there are two favourable points to BJP. One is the positive vote for their governance in Center. Second point is negativity towards AAP for its nonperformance and bad governance. These two points helped BJP and the Exit poll predictions will become real.
    If single party is winning all the states and Center also there is no harm if the leaders are good, reliable and stand for the cause of the people. The progress will become easy with a better understanding between state governments and central government. All depends on the quality of the people at the helm of affairs.

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    In the recent state level elections BJP has emerged as the choicest party and Delhi MCD elections are following the suit.

    People are impressed with the efforts which BJP is taking in changing the face of governance in this country. If they succeed in their endeavour they will be their for a longer time with the support of public.

    In Delhi, Aam Admi Party was not able to show results commensurate with their election manifesto and people are not at all happy with them. So it is time to say good bye and wait in the gallery for next opportunity.

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