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    Data plan tariff war and magnanimous offers; do we really need and use that much data

    Propelled by Reliance Jio, it is raining data offers now. Suddenly all mobile net data providers have become very magnanimous and offering us a new and beneficial plan each day. The latest in this regard is of BSNL offering 270 GB i 90days for Rs 333.

    Don't mistake me if I have a scary thought seeing all these blaring of offers. I feel the helpless user is like the sacrificial animal, fed plenty before the sacrifice.
    So the smart are those who 'make hay while the sun shine'.

    But frankly, do most of us use the full data offered in these plans? Do we really need that normally? Do we get the relevant speed and connectivity without issues to use the offered full quantum of data? Or are these just superfluous?
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    Yes the author made the right observation. In the garb of cut throat competition, the mobile operators has to offer their best to be in race, otherwise they are out. I would blame Airtel for this competition. In the name of 4 G connectivity for having offered first time, it took most of the Reliance customers to its fold and thus Reliance got furious and brought the Reliance Jio with mind boggling free data even during demonetization and that attracted people all over the country. Now the situation is that Airtel, Idea and Telenor has lost their customers to Reliance and BSNL is also feeling the pinch. But what I feel that the so called data doles is not the real offer, the hidden trick behind every offer has to be understood and these companies are not that courageous to offer anything for free as they would collect hefty fees afterwards.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Venkit, We are inclined to agree with you. Yes, after Reliance Jio offered free data and all other services for free, most service provider are lossing it's valuable customers. Those opted for Jio since they offer free and continue to provide data and other services at cheap and affordable price.

    What if I tell you that Airtel does come up with offer of 303 Rupees that has 30GB data and A 2 A free and many benefits.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    I have not gone for JIO so far but heard that its providing so much data for free. However, it depend people to people how much data they need for them. As far as I am concern, as a working people who depend a lot on apps to send the images and other details, need some more data than regular. Again, I have not crossed so far more than 2GB data per month. Yes, unless you are a movie watcher and love to watch new movie or you are more in to downloading movie, or you want to watch live cricket matches streaming, then yes you need much more data.

    Frankly speaking, we don't need such huge data like 270GB for our normal uses. It is just going to make people more crazier into downloading nothing else. Marketing people know that once you provide some taste in the market and people get used of it, they will run behind it even if they need to pay money for it.

    When there was 2G network even the work used to done and now we using 4G network still we do the same. Yes, the speed become better. Likewise, there was time when people were happy with 500 MB but now we need datas in GBs. We are just running the way service provider wants us to run. Only difference will be the data which we gets for free, may not be available free later. We should understand the marketing policy before we get addicted to it.

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    This is all business gimmicks. Even in this massive competition, the telecom operators are squeezing money from the normal public and depositing in their kitty. The huge data plans are being offered to a higher price only but not for a lower one. Every telecom operator wants to have a minimum amount of Rs.300. After getting the amount they can any number of data which nobody really grab the entire data offered by them. Even Jio plans are also around the same figure after shifting from free scheme to paid scheme.

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    Now a days people use smart phones for long hours for various activities but most of this is going towards social media using WhatsApp or Facebook.

    One of my newly acquainted friend asked me whether I was present in Facebook. I shrugged my shoulders and replied that I was but very occasional. Then he enquired whether I was active in WhatsApp. I again replied similar answer and I saw a shade of disappointment on his face which I still can not forget.

    People are using data so ruthlessly that you receive your own post after some time from someone requesting you to send it to as many persons as possible.

    Where this blind race will lead us ? A question many people are raising today. Are we data user or data eater ?

    Today no one seems to be bothered about using data judiciously. People say with pride that they have got wi-fi and they can use net for anything for any long. But are we just passing our time or doing something creative there.

    With data rates coming down day by day due to competition the situation may still worsen as regards to extravagant usage of data.

    Knowledge is power.

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