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    Dreams - It is not a kind of desire or temptation.

    Our late President APJ Abdul Kalam has rightly said, "Dreams are not what you see in your sleep; it is the thing which doesn't let you to sleep".

    History tells us about such dreamers and their dreams. I am a dreamer. I have a dream. I believe in it. I want to convert my dream into reality like the one seen by our Late President. Read further to know, whta is my dream.

    I am not even Twenty Five. This is a very hard question to answer at my age. I am even afraid to answer it. If I ask for less, then may be I will feel like a beggar befor God, forever asking for more and more.

    Even if I ask for more, I will feel I am too greedy and God might reject my application outright. But still, I do need God to give a look at my plight. Will I get some ailment while I put at the wood here? I think I will. I get sick once in a while. But we haven't much choice.

    Mom, when will you return to us? I know, her folks will not allow her to. And would it not be nice to have a small home of our own with a neat stove and gas cylinders and some yard to have our own hens.

    This is my dream. Dreaming helps me to be calm. I'm not asking God. Please give if you feel I need it, but let me Dream...

    Everybody has dreams. What's your's?
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    There is nothing wrong to dream. Dreams which comes to us early in the morning at wee hours are bound to happen as what we think and sleep the last night will revolve around our mind and that converts into dream. And your dream is natural and wanting. Parting ways with mother is the most unfortunate happening in anyone life. Mother is the sooth sayer, she take all the burden of the children. She feeds the children no matter she has or not for her own survival. In this circumstances no one would love to part with mother. Your dream is natural and realistic and surely God will obey and grant.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Every body will have dreams about their life. Everybody should work hard to make those dreams to get realised. Every body will get dreams while they are sleeping. Sometimes i get dreams about my previous day's problems and I will get some answers from those dreams.

    It is very good to work for making our dreams to real. This is what all great people say. As mentioned by Mr. Mohan, the dreams what we are getting in early in the morning before we get up will happen sooner or later in our life.

    Anybody can dream and it is good to work and hope for realising the dreams. I wish and hope the Almighty will definitely help you in realising your dream.

    always confident

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    Yes, dreams differ from desires or temptations. Desires and temptations are meant are just feelings or urge. These terms are used to denote the fulfillment of an individual and feel happy. Once a desire or temptation is fulfilled, it recurs again. Dreams are something that is meant for fulfillment, but they also often relate to the betterment of an individual or society. If not society, they are meant for the fulfillment of at least a family. Dreams cannot be fulfilled but can be achieved. They are long-term wishes and once they are fulfilled, they bring bliss to humankind.

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    Dreaming is good for our future progress. If one don't have any dream, he can not fix the goal of his life. However, one should not depend on God to fulfil his/her dream. If you want to achieve your dream, you have to plan like that and step by step, you need to go closer. You would have seen or heard people those who become successful, always talking that they had this and that dream and now they have achieved it. If one is mentally strong and decide that he/she has to complete his dream, no matter what they will reach to that goal. All legend's stories are like that, they have to struggle in their life but their aim never was missed. They keep targeting their dream and finally achieved it. You too can do it, only thing you need to be fully focus on it.

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