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    Everything changes with time

    We should n't be proud y .Nothing is stable in this world.Every thing changes wealth ,might and beauty.What we posses, today will n't be ours tomorrow.Our inner eyes should be opened.We should be humble. If we have any quality ,that is all by God's grace.We should thank Him daily ,that he has given us so much.Being humble make you great.What are your opinion?
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    Very well worded. I agree with you, nothing is constant in life.

    However, there is a lesson to learn from this. We must strive to maintain or better our position. It is overconfidence in our abilities and a lackadaisical attitude that makes us losers. We forget that there are others competing with us. Only those who push themselves harder than the rest come out as winners. It is in our hands to keep what we have.

    Humility too is an excellent quality, but it must not act as an impediment to our success. I believe in going out and achieving success. I believe in going for the kill. Mere humility will not get me anywhere.

    The Almighty remains the centre of my universe. I never forget Him, nor His powers. I thank Him for all life's gifts. I also ask Him for His blessings and guidance, so I can achieve whatever I set my mind to. I have immense faith, but I also know that I have to do my bit to make a success of my life.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Yes. It is true that nothing is permanent. Today we are here. We don't know tomorrow where we will be. We should thank God everyday for whatever we have and we should be humble. Whatever we are due we will get it. So always thank God for what he has given.

    At the same time all out efforts from us is always required to be successful and maintain a standard life. But never be proud. We should earn our success in a humble manner. We should win but we should not defeat anybody. We should follow ethics and rules of the game for success. Shortcuts and bypasses should not be thought off.

    Being humble is a good quality and it will make you to move around with confidence. Fellow human beings will also respect you if you are humble.

    always confident

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    A thought provoking thread in deed. Time is a dimension which changes things drastically and we do not know where and how we will be dwelling in this world after some time.

    The flow of time is irreversible and you can't get back what has gone. At the same time new opportunities will be their and if you are lucky you may be in a better condition than your past life.

    So the message is very clear. Be humble and do not feel proud for what you have today.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes , I agree with you , it's nature's rule , everything change with time .
    Basically it's is cycle of time , sometime time happiness phase and sometime sadness phase , we just like a puppet on sadness phase we feel while happiness we like a king of world . But we forget it's life cycle , we have to work harder and harder as possible as to achieve our ' goal' .
    When we are happy , we feeling every thing going according to us , we involves in surrounding of happiness . But the time play there game , it's skip our hand just like sand skip in our fist. While sadness phase we feel , a single moment become a long time of journey.
    A part from this whatever the situation ' we should doesn't afraid with that , we should ' tie a note of shoes 'to fight with that , try your best as possible as , and left of thing just kept it the god will help it out . One phase will ended one thing it left behind of that a lesson from that phase never give up .
    Every time and situation teach you some thing we have catch those lesson and apply in our life , that our best deed to for time teacher .

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    Yes, everyone should stay humble in all the times.
    Is there anything else to say about the topic or thread!

    Chitra Rana

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